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Considering Divorce? A Marina Del Rey Family Law ATTORNEY Can Help

Looking for the top family law lawyer in Marina Del Rey? Turn to Fernandez & Karney and get help now.

Marina Del Rey Family Law Lawyer to Manage Your Divorce

Sharing your life with somebody doesn’t always turn out the way you hoped it would, and now you need a Marina Del Rey family law attorney. Even the most stable marriage can strike on hard times. In some cases, those issues require you to make difficult decisions.

Since each family is different, so are the challenges they face, making divorce law rather complicated and confusing. Divorce and separation are big decisions that often benefit from the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney.

Although a couple can manage the divorce on their own in certain circumstances, in most cases, hiring experienced legal representation will likely provide the best results. The professional family law firm of Fernandez & Karney offers information, help, and consultation regarding all of the issues their clients are facing.


Retaining a Marina Del Rey Family Law Firm for Your California Case

California residents face a different set of issues than citizens from any other area in the country. Individuals worldwide have gathered in The Golden State for decades, whether it’s to enjoy the temperate weather condition or make the most of the chances distinct to the area. Therefore, it has become an interesting mix of individuals from all demographics.

Those who live there deal with unique obstacles when it comes to raising a family. In some cases, these obstacles require a Marina Del Rey family law lawyer’s advice and counsel.

Types of Marina Del Rey Cases We Handle

 When you are in the process of dissolving your marriage or domestic partnership, you want the best family law lawyer in Marina Del Rey to represent your case. It’s crucial to realize that California is a “no-fault” state. If one partner wants to divorce, they do not need to show any wrongdoing by the other.

If the other partner does not want to divorce or does not consent to terms, it might impact the length of the legal fight and hence likewise impact the typical expense of the divorce, which can cost up to $15,000 in many cases. It’s also a 50/50 state, meaning that all assets and debts are divided evenly unless the parties agree upon a different arrangement.

When comparing estate planning and family law attorneys, you should look at legal profiles in nearby cities with related practice areas to ensure all of your issues are covered. The right attorney should specialize in the following:

In some situations, you might be able to settle your marital conflicts quickly and less expensively than a prolonged court fight. Only a qualified Los Angeles divorce lawyer will be able to examine your case and explain your best options.

The divorce procedure is frequently considered a complicated, pricey, and mentally and emotionally difficult legal experience. Many people who file for divorce are unfamiliar with the process and make concessions to speed the proceedings that adversely affect their financial security for years to come. Before submitting your petition, you should schedule a free consultation with a skilled Marina Del Rey family law attorney so you can discuss your case.

Obtaining a Divorce at the Marina Del Rey Courthouse

 Before heading to the Marina Del Rey Courthouse, you should know the steps you must take to initiate the dissolution. You can only file for a divorce in California if you have lived in the state for the previous six months. To file for a divorce in Marina del Rey specifically, you must have lived there for the past three months.

You will then need to decide which of the following you want to file for:

If you choose to file for divorce, you need the proper forms, which you can obtain from the Marina Del Rey Courthouse or online, here. Once completed, have your documents reviewed by an attorney that focuses on family law.


Additional Steps for a California Divorce

Once you have completed your forms, you must file the Petition for Divorce with the Marina Del Rey Courthouse. Another individual will be tasked with serving the divorce papers to the other party. In CA, this is often the Sheriff, a licensed process server, or any friend or relative over the age of 18.

If you cannot reach a mutually beneficial arrangement regarding the terms of the divorce, you may need help from a mediator near you. They can help you iron out the details and negotiate a compromise that you both can agree with.

If you can agree upon the terms of the separation, schedule a free consultation with a collaborative divorce attorney to manage your dissolution for optimal results.

How a Family Attorney in Marina Del Rey, California Can Help

If you have concerns about what occurs throughout a divorce, a family attorney in Marina Del Rey, California, will clarify the process. They will also represent you in court after you decide how you want to split your assets. If you are unable to agree on the division of property, the court will decide for you.

Since the state of CA assumes each party is 50% responsible for the debts, each must divulge their properties and financial obligations. For more information, contact a reputable law firm in the city for a free consultation.


Responsibilities of a Marina Del Rey, CA Family Law Attorney

A Marina Del Rey Family Law lawyer will explain that all residential or commercial property is considered marital assets unless proven otherwise. Marital property is shared even if it seemingly “belonged” to one partner. This includes:

  • Checking accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Pensions
  • Stocks and bonds 

The non-marital assets include possessions brought into the marriage, given to one partner, or inherited. It will be up to the court to deem the items as individually-owned property or include them in the marital assets to be divided.

Depending on how long a couple was married, along with a few other qualifications, the court may require alimony or spousal support to be paid. A sympathetic and aggressive California lawyer will vigorously fight for your rights if you are on either side of this situation.

Contact the Top Family Law Lawyers in Marina Del Rey, CA

To guarantee you secure the best results for your circumstances, choose the best family law lawyers in Marina Del Rey, CA. 

Whether you’re dealing with an uncontested divorce or a high net-worth case, Fernandez & Karney can successfully represent your interests and help you obtain a satisfactory divorce settlement. If needed, they can use their various resources and discovery techniques to secure your money and assets.


Locating an Attorney in Marina Del Rey

If you are a victim of domestic violence or accused of a violent crime during your divorce process, search for an attorney in Marina Del Rey near you for the best legal advice. The closer proximity enables them to find evidence that can support your side of the dispute more quickly, so it is less likely to become an issue in the courts. 

Call today to schedule a free consultation with a knowledgeable legal counselor serving the Marina Del Rey and Santa Monica areas. We look forward to assisting you and your family!

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