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According to the Forbes 400 list of America’s wealthiest persons, California is home to 86 persons/families who last year had a net worth of at least $3 billion. Of these, 28 are residents of Los Angeles County, the highest concentration in any of the state’s counties.

The one thing wealthy families have in common with everyone else—no matter their net worth—is that their family dynamics can become unstable, leading to divorce and spousal support disputes. While all family law disputes require a skilled attorney to guide the parties through their legal challenges, high-net-worth individuals and families need a team of seasoned attorneys who understand their complex financial issues and substantial assets that need careful management and division. Our Santa Monica family law attorneys specialize in these types of cases.

At Fernandez & Karney, our law firm founder and managing partner, Steven Fernandez is a Certified Family Law Specialists by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization. He has the experience and resources to provide you with the quality legal representation you want and deserve.

Discretion and skill are paramount in high-net-worth divorces due to the sensitive nature of the financial, personal, and legal issues. These divorces can attract media attention, leading to unwanted public scrutiny. Our skilled Santa Monica divorce attorneys know how to manage communications and legal proceedings to minimize exposure and maintain privacy. Our discretion ensures that sensitive financial details and personal matters are kept out of the public eye.

With knowledgeable attorneys boasting over 120 years of combined legal experience, we are highly experienced in dealing with every aspect of a California divorce, giving you the confidence that your case is in capable hands. Our unique approach to each case sets us apart, tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

If your divorce requires sophisticated legal strategies to protect your financial interests, our skilled Santa Monica divorce attorneys can develop and implement effective strategies tailored to your case’s unique aspects. Contact us today to ensure your interests are protected from the start.

Understanding the High Net Worth Divorce in Santa Monica, CA

High Net Worth Families in California Require Specialized Legal Representation: Fernandez & Karney Delivers Results

Discretion and skill are crucial in high-net-worth divorces to protect privacy, manage complex financial and legal issues, and ensure fair and sustainable outcomes. Our skilled Santa Monica high-net-worth divorce attorneys provide the qualities to help navigate the intricacies of these divorces while minimizing conflict and maintaining the dignity and reputation of the parties involved.

Divorce and child custody laws apply to high-net-worth couples just as they do to other couples because they are designed to ensure fairness, protect the rights and welfare of all parties involved, and provide a structured process for resolving the complex issues that arise during a marriage’s dissolution. That said, we also understand the nuances of divorces where wealth matters during a California divorce because it influences several critical aspects of the legal proceedings, from the division of assets to spousal support and child custody arrangements.

High net-worth divorces often require the expertise of financial analysts, forensic accountants, tax advisors, and appraisers. Our skilled divorce attorneys have established networks of professionals who can provide essential support.

That includes developing tailored customized legal strategies to oversee:

  • Complex portfolios and financial assets, including businesses, investments, real estate, and intellectual property.
  • The division of substantial assets while observing tax laws and structuring settlements to minimize our client’s tax burdens, including future tax liabilities, ensuring that settlements are fair and sustainable in the long term.
  • The division of assets and residences in California, nationwide, and internationally.
  • Spousal support arrangements, considering the lifestyle maintained during the marriage and the future financial needs of both parties.
  • Child support calculations, considering the family’s high earning capacity and lifestyle to provide for the child’s needs adequately.

It is not lost on our skilled attorney that high net worth divorces can be emotionally charged, with significant personal and familial implications. Discretion and skill in handling these dynamics are crucial for achieving a resolution that minimizes emotional distress.

Our skilled high-net-worth divorce attorneys in Santa Monica bring expertise, strategic planning, and a network of professionals to handle the complex financial, legal, and personal issues in these critical divorce scenarios. We aim to protect your interests, ensure fair outcomes, and provide a smooth and discreet divorce process.

Can the Santa Monica High Net Worth Divorce Attorneys at Fernandez & Karney Enforce My Prenuptial Agreement?

At Fernandez & Karney, our Santa Monica high-net-worth divorce attorneys can review your prenuptial agreement to ensure it meets all legal requirements and is enforceable under California law.

In addition, we will:

  • Examine the agreement’s terms to ensure they are fair and reasonable, and identify unconscionable terms or those that violate public policy that may be unenforceable.
  • Gather and organize the necessary documentation to prove the prenuptial agreement is valid, including evidence of full financial disclosure, voluntary consent, and proper execution.
  • Address challenges if the other party contests the validity of the prenuptial agreement, defend against these claims, and present evidence that the contract was correctly executed.
  • Ensure that the property division provisions of the prenuptial agreement are enforced, protecting your rights to specific assets as outlined in the contract.
  • Examine provisions for spousal support to enforce the terms, provided they comply with California law.

Our Santa Monica’s high net-worth divorce attorneys can play a crucial role in enforcing your prenuptial agreement by ensuring its legal validity, addressing challenges, representing you in court, and protecting your interests. Our experience, skill, knowledge, and resources in handling complex financial and legal issues make our law firm well-equipped to enforce prenuptial agreements effectively.

It is critical to note that in California, child custody and child support provisions cannot be included in a prenuptial agreement. These vital divorce details must be addressed separately. California law prioritizes the best interests of the child in determining custody arrangements. The court has the ultimate authority to decide custody matters, ensuring that agreements serve the child’s welfare and needs.

We can help reduce conflict and stress while enforcing your prenuptial agreement and dedicating our experience to outlining your child custody and support needs by handling legal complexities and negotiations, potentially avoiding the need for a protracted court battle.

If your case cannot be resolved during negotiations or alternate dispute resolution, our discretion during court proceedings helps ensure that settlements are reached amicably and equitably while minimizing your risks and exposure.


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