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Steve Fernandez and Mark Karney are both Certified Family Law Specialists with over 50 years of combined experience. Call today to find out how we can help you.

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Fernandez & Karney is a prominent Los Angeles family law firm with over 100 years of combined experience. Our founding partners, Steven Fernandez and Mark Karney, are Certified Family Law Specialists (CFLS). In order to become a CFLS, an attorney must demonstrate a high level of experience in family law, pass additional testing, and receive favorable reviews by judges and other attorneys. This certification, given by the California State Bar, ensures that you will have highly qualified attorneys working on every aspect of your case.

Additionally, Fernandez & Karney has an experienced team of associate attorneys and paralegals committed to protecting your rights and improving your legal position. We understand the stress involved when dealing with a family legal related matter. You can rest assured that you will have a highly qualified team of legal professionals handling your case and communicating with you in a timely manner throughout the entire process.

When dealing with divorce, property division, or child custody, you need attorneys on your side with a proven track record. We have handled thousands of family law cases throughout the various Los Angeles courts. While family law court orders are often modifiable, the courts tend to give deference to the past order. Therefore, getting it right the first time is important.

Our practice includes divorce, child custody, child support, complex property division, domestic violence, post-judgment enforcement and modifications, spousal support, collection of child and spousal support arrearages, and paternity.

When fighting for you family, property, and well-being, you should’t have to do it alone. Let Fernandez & Karney give you the peace of mind that comes with hiring knowledgeable and experienced family law lawyers. Our team is prepared to help you throughout Los Angeles County. Find out more by calling (310) 393-0236.

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Property Division

Certified Family Law Specialist Steven Fernandez specializes in complex financial divorce cases. Mr. Fernandez has over 27 years of experience and is a graduate of UCLA School of Law.

Child Custody & Domestic Violence

Experienced divorce attorney Crystal Boultinghouse will zealously represent you in child custody and domestic violence proceedings.


Certified Family Law Specialist Mark Karney brings over twenty years of experience to your case.

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At Fernandez & Karney, we understand how difficult the legal process can be and will use our extensive experience to help you achieve your objectives. We are skilled negotiators and seasoned trial attorneys, which means we are prepared to secure a favorable outcome for you whether it’s through mediation or in the courtroom. 

Since time is everyone’s most precious resource, let our Los Angeles family law attorneys help you resolve your legal issues and transition into the next stage of your life. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation (310) 393-0236.

Our Practice Areas

Child Custody

Child custody and visitation is often the most contentious and emotionally challenging part of a divorce. Our experienced Los Angeles child custody attorneys will effectively represent you in achieving a favorable custody and visitation result that is in the best interests of the children.

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Complex Property Issues

Fernandez & Karney is familiar with Complex Financial Issues arising from cases with a large community estate.

It is important to complete a correct accounting of all assets and income from the marriage to determine cash flow available for support, community property vs. separate property interests, retirement benefits distribution, income tracing, and business valuation.

Our experience includes working with forensic accountants, business evaluators and appraisers to advocate for your financial position.

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Fernandez & Karney will handle every aspect of your divorce or family law matter. We have experience in marital dissolution proceedings, complex property division, child custody and “move-aways,” paternity, marital settlement agreements, and domestic violence cases.

We have a proven track record of assisting individuals throughout the Los Angeles area. Find out how we can help you.

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Domestic Violence

Fernandez and Karney has successfully prosecuted domestic violence charges for over 42 years. They work efficiently and effectively to prepare all imperative paperwork with the courts and coordinates with the all necessary channels to ensure the situation is taken care of without undue stress to their clients.

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Judgment Modification

Circumstances in your life or the life of your former spouse often change significantly after a divorce. As such, one of you may need to seek a modification of your divorce judgment. This could include child custody, division of property, or debt may also need to be modified.

The Los Angeles family law attorneys at Fernandez & Karney offer comprehensive legal services related to the modification of orders.

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Move Aways

A “move-away “case arises when a parent that has joint or sole custody of the child decides to move to a location that is far enough away to disrupt the current custodial arrangement.

Whether the move is near or far, if the move will impact the current custody situation, the parents will need new custody and visitation orders. Relocation and move-away cases are one of the most difficult decisions a judge has to make and many factors are considered before making a ruling.

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Order Enforcement

There are often difficulties that can arise after a final divorce judgment has been entered and spouses become officially divorced.

Sometimes, however, it is necessary to enforce these orders and resolve disputes that arise after the divorce process is over. Fernandez & Karney has successfully assisted their clients in all California enforcement of orders.

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Issues of paternity can be very sensitive in nature and can impact the futures of both the parents and the children involved. Fernandez & Karney can help you navigate the waters of paternity law.

We represent clients who seek to prove or disprove paternity, and offer competent counsel in both types of paternity actions. California’s Family Code presumes that if a child is born to a married mother, her spouse is the father of that child. Paternity presumption may be refuted if a court-authorized genetic testing indicates that the spouse is not the child’s father. If Paternity is at issue, the guidance of experienced family law specialists is essential to protect both your rights and the rights and best interests of your child.

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Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement (premarital agreement) is a written agreement or contract made by a couple before they are married which generally lists the assets and debts each has and how they will be handled after the marriage takes place.

Understanding how an impending marriage can impact your property and assets is an important consideration prior to entering a marriage. Our Los Angeles attorneys helps clients with the process of negotiating and preparing prenuptial agreements to protect their assets, finances, and business interests.

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Spousal Support

Temporary spousal support (alimony) after separation is intended to maintain the parties’ status quo as they navigate through the dissolution process.

Permanent spousal support, on the other hand, is judged broadly by the parties’ “circumstances” in reference to their standard of living established during their marriage and their respective needs and abilities to pay. The court is required to consider 14 statutory factors in evaluating the issue of permanent spousal support, and the ultimate decision—as to amount, duration and whether to retain spousal support jurisdiction—rests within the court’s broad discretion.

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Our Clients' Testimonials

Our clients are pleased with our services, and we would like your experience to be great as well. Take a look at what our clients have said about us below.

Mr. Fernandez took over my case on 2007, working with Mr. Fernandez eased up some of my stress throughout the years.

He is honest, a good listener, professional of perfecting his work with his clients as if each case is personally his which is the key to his success. He does not give up and fight hard with class to win each case…Read More

Rana Shihabi, Previous Client

Divorce attorney Mark Karney took over my case with a high level of professionalism and integrity. He explained all the legal aspects in detail and he was up front with me from the beginning about my chances, legal options, time expected, possible outcomes, and legal fees. Mr. Karney was a true professional every step of the way and always responded to all my phone calls in a timely manner and answered all the questions I had. Read More

Martin Mendieta, Previous Client

“I am still in the midst of my divorce case and it’s a kicker tearing me inside out and let me tell you I could not have landed in a better firm. They are managing me terrifically. There have been times when they could have milked me pushing ideas of restraining orders etc..when I became distraught and they didn’t. There are many wrong turns I could have taken that could have derailed my case but they have kept all aligned in a conservative and smart, tactical way…Read More

C.K., Previous Client

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