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Brentwood Divorce Lawyer

Looking for a divorce attorney in Brentwood California? Hire a Certified Family Law Specialist from Fernandez & Karney for efficient, ethical representation.

Choosing a Divorce Attorney in Brentwood, California


When your marriage or domestic partnership is over, you will probably require the assistance of a divorce attorney. The last thing you want is to face this difficult time without the support of a reputable divorce lawyer in Brentwood who can offer knowledgeable counsel and help you make sure your family is provided for, your assets are secure, and that you can maintain a consistent, healthy relationship with your children.

Working with a reputable family law firm will also allow you to understand the cost of your marital dissolution. From understanding the process to representing you in family court, an attorney with deep experience in family law will ensure their clients are taken care of.

For the best representation, consider retaining a Brentwood divorce attorney from a professional legal office like Fernandez & Karney.

Retaining a Brentwood, CA Law Firm for Your Divorce or Partnership Dissolution


If your marriage has been a lengthy one, the legal process to dissolve the union will likely be more complex unless you and your soon-to-be-ex agree on all aspects of the separation.Many elements of your situation, such as a California family with multiple members or an extensive estate, may make the dissolution more complicated.

If you have a complex property division or an estate planning case, legal advice is particularly necessary to protect your financial interests. In some cases, a same-sex partnership might be complex and if international child support or child custody is involved, you will want the advice of a knowledgeable, client-centric law office like Fernandez & Karney to protect your interests.

Learn more about how property and assets are often divided below and don’t hesitate to reach out to our Los Angeles divorce attorneys if you have any questions.


Dividing Marital Community Property in California

In community property states, if you do not have children and the lease of your house is in the name of one partner, the one who has the home loan or lease in their name is usually considered the legal owner. She or he might then request the other to leave. In other cases, they might need to follow general renter alert guidelines and provide the other partner a reasonable amount of time to vacate the premises.

To avoid community property laws, some couples choose to keep their individual properties separate throughout their marital relationship, whether it is by preserving real-estate, their prior children’s inheritance, or a different savings account. 

Although this is a less typical option, it does streamline divorce procedures. Residential or business real-estate purchased with a combination of the partnership funds are usually considered being community property and are, therefore, divided between the parties.


How CA Marital Property Is Divided

When choosing how the possessions are divided, it is best to weigh the benefits and drawbacks, as well as whether a prolonged and costly court fight might be worthwhile. When discussing what your marital possessions are, it is important to understand that a checking account, any financial investments, real estate property, and furnishings or appliances obtained throughout the marital relationship are frequently considered community property. 

Often, if the divorce goes to court, instead of granting the home to one person, the Brentwood, CA court may award each partner a part of the total worth of the sale of the residential or commercial property.

Choosing a California Family Law Attorney


If you consult a Brentwood divorce and family law lawyer, you may be surprised to learn that you have additional options other than a complicated legal case. In other cases, some property is relatively easy to divide. There is a relatively basic list of items that are considered individual possessions in a separation. This holds true in the majority of the states. This list consists of, but is not limited to, the following:

  • House or property
  • Life insurance coverage policies
  • Personal checking account
  • Pension
  • Vehicles

Although this is never an easy choice, established law offices will be able to provide adequate advice and representation if you must take your case to court.


Other Dissolution Options

When dealing with a simple dissolution, you may be able to negotiate the process with one of the following, however, only a skilled legal office can advise you:

Although it is sometimes the best scenario for a couple who is divorcing to choose to separate their financial obligations and property on their own, whether with a mediator or without one, acrimonious partners may find this difficult. When possible, though, this can be considerably less expensive than taking it to court and hoping for an outcome in your favor.

If that is not an option for the couple, state law will divide the commercial or residential property. If you have a large estate or children, you will be required to take your case before a judge.

A Brentwood divorce attorney can understand your situation, help, provide advice, and even personal representation if needed in court.

Finding Attorneys Brentwood, CA


During a challenging separation, child custody, or other family law situation, individuals are often pressed to the edge and make choices based on emotions, rather than logic. However, it’s important to take your time and carefully choose an attorney to represent your best interests.

When looking for divorce or family law attorneys in Brentwood, CA, it can be useful to focus on firms with an online presence that demonstrates the legitimacy of their practice. Then, you can reach out to a few firms for an initial consultation or see who is most responsive to your inquiries, and make a choice from there. Be careful to make sure you understand the fee structure and the legal advice you are being given — a good firm will take the time to help and explain everything.

An individual never plans for the relationship to end when they wed. If it does, they likely are left with a lot of questions – from the tactical like “How do properties get divided?” to the emotional, like “How do I move on and recover?”  With a reliable divorce lawyer by your side, you will at least have the peace of mind to know your legal needs are all managed. Then, you can focus on moving forward with your family.

If you need to retain a skilled and aggressive divorce attorney contact Fernandez & Karney for a free consultation. Our experienced attorneys are ready to listen and help.

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