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If you’ve filed for divorce in Calabasas or recently received divorce papers from your spouse, it’s time to begin protecting your rights under California’s laws for the division of marital assets. This is especially critical for divorcing spouses with high net worth portfolios and many complex assets and properties. The high net worth divorce attorneys in Calabasas are ready to defend your rights and represent your best interests throughout your high net worth divorce in Calabasas.

As you plan your future in a new direction, dividing your assets and property is a major concern, especially for those with diverse portfolios and high assets. While matters of child custody and visitation are often the most emotional aspects of divorce, the division of marital assets is commonly the most contentious. This is especially true for divorcing spouses with high net worth or complex properties.

You’ve worked hard to achieve your assets, now let the high-net-worth divorce lawyers at Fernandez & Karney work hard to protect them. Call or contact our Calabasas high net-worth divorce law firm online today so we can begin an effective strategy.

Why Choose Us for Your High Net Worth Divorce Attorneys in Calabasas?

For many divorcing spouses in Calabasas, California’s laws for the equal distribution of community property take on heightened importance. Having a lot of assets means having a lot to lose if a spouse and their attorney take unfair advantage. In a high-net-worth divorce in Calabasas, you need aggressive advocacy for your rights by attorneys who will represent your best interests throughout the process with the following advantages:

  • A free confidential case evaluation for all potential high-net-worth divorce clients
  • Two certified California family law attorneys with decades of combined experience in California’s laws for the division of marital property
  • A collaborative team of legal minds with extensive experience in California law to strategize the best way forward to achieve your desired outcomes in a high-net-worth divorce
  • Attorneys with a resolution-based approach to disputes who will work toward a mutually agreeable settlement whenever possible to minimize contention and costs in the divorce process
  • Powerful litigators who won’t hesitate to defend your rights in front of a judge when required to achieve the outcome you deserve

Your Calabasas divorce attorney from Fernandez & Karney will handle all aspects of your divorce including matters of child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support (alimony), and the division of your community assets while protecting your separate property.

Dividing Community Property and Assets in a High Net Worth Divorce in Calabasas

California law sees marriage as a legal contract as well as an emotional bond. The marital contract forms a “community” of two in which all property accumulated during the marriage belongs to the community and not the individual regardless of whose name is on the account, title, or deed. Like all contracts, when spouses dissolve the marriage contract, they must equally divide the community assets and debts while retaining their separate assets. For spouses with limited property and few or no financial holdings, this is a relatively simple process but for high-asset divorcing spouses in Calabasas, this process requires the following:

  • A meticulous discovery period where your attorney requests financial documents from your spouse and responds to similar requests from your spouse’s attorney
  • An intensive investigation into your portfolios to identify all separate assets you may retain as well as any portion of your spouse’s separate assets you have a right to claim
  • Aggressively defending your rights during negotiations and mediation
  • Attempting a settlement agreement to save time, costs, and contentious court battles while never compromising on your rights and best interests
  • Defending your position in court to secure your fair share of all marital assets and retention of your separate assets

Separate assets in a California divorce are all properties and assets belonging solely to one spouse before the marriage, inherited by one spouse during the marriage, or gifted to one spouse alone during the marriage. Community property is all other assets acquired during the marriage regardless of which name is on the account.

Understanding Commingled Assets in High Net Worth Divorces in Calabasas

If you and your spouse have many diverse properties and complex assets, it’s important to have an aggressive Calabasas complex property division attorney engaged in protecting your rights and goals throughout the process of categorizing separate and community assets. Your spouse may claim some assets as their separate property when legally you have a valid claim to a portion of the asset or property due to commingling.

When one spouse allows the other access to an account it becomes commingled marital property even if it began as their separate account. Similarly, when one spouse has separate real estate property through inheritance or prior ownership, the other spouse may claim a portion of the property as community property if they invested substantial time and/or money into making improvements and increasing the property’s value. It’s also important to address the increased value of separately owned property when the value increases during the marriage.

Because these matters require meticulous investigation and skilled representation, high-net-worth divorces require experienced legal counsel. The attorneys at Fernandez & Karney are ready to protect your desired outcomes for the division of your assets in your high net-worth divorce in Calabasas.

The Advantages of Using Fernandez & Karney as Your High Net Worth Divorce Attorneys in Calabasas

Your lawyer from Fernandez & Karney is ready to navigate all aspects of your California divorce, including child custody and visitation schedules, child support orders, spousal support payments, and retention of the family home. We have access to local resources and financial experts to advise on all financial matters in a high-net-worth divorce, including the following:

  • Obtaining accurate valuations of all assets and properties
  • Understanding tax implications
  • Transferring property and accounts
  • Division of retirement accounts
  • Dealing with college savings plans, trusts, and assets held for your children
  • Distributing real estate properties including the family home as well as vacation and rental properties
  • Distributing assets of sentimental and financial value such as artwork, antiques, RVs, yachts, and luxury vehicles
  • Addressing control and ownership of businesses and intellectual properties

In a high-net-worth divorce in Calabasas, you need an experienced attorney to help you understand your rights and options for resolutions for all matters that arise in the complex process of navigating the division of high-value assets and properties.

Call the Calabasas high net-worth divorce lawyers at Fernandez & Karney today so we can begin protecting what’s rightfully yours while also navigating all legal proceedings, paperwork, and processes on your behalf.