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Unfortunately, there are no simple issues when dealing with a child custody matter in Beverly Hills. At Fernandez & Karney, our Beverly Hills child custody attorneys understand the complexities of child custody cases and the emotions that surround them. Our reputable family law attorneys in Beverly Hills want to guide you through your case and offer you creative solutions to realize your legal goals and expectations.

Fernandez & Karney’s child custody attorneys are:

  • Confident and successful in handling all matters of child custody from initial proceedings to modifications
  • Aggressive advocates for the best interests and legal rights of parents and their children
  • Experienced in child custody negotiations, litigation, and collaborative divorce

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How Our Beverly Hills Child Custody Attorneys Can Help You

Before tackling any child custody proceeding or attempting to establish an agreement with your co-parent, it is vital you speak with an experienced Beverly Hills child custody attorney.  There are several legal steps to this process and numerous plans and options to explore.  

Fernandez & Karney will assist and guide you through your child custody case, whether it is a stand-alone matter or part of a larger case like a divorce or legal separation.

We will also:

  • Ensure you understand California’s child custody laws and how they affect your family
  • Handle related matters such as child support computations
  • Negotiate an agreement with your co-parent
  • Gather and present evidence logically and persuasively to support your position before the court

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Child custody is the term used by the court when referring to the rights and responsibilities parents have in caring for their children. There are two types of child custody orders in Beverly Hills.  These are legal custody and physical custody.  

Parents may make their own child custody agreement and ask the court to enter their plan as an agreed order. Or, the court may enter an order for parents who cannot come to an arrangement.

Legal Custody in Beverly Hills

Legal custody is the ability to make decisions regarding a child’s welfare, health, and education. Physical custody refers to where a child resides.  

Legal custody may be joint, meaning shared, or sole, held by one parent alone. In a joint custody situation, both parents make significant decisions in their child’s life. With sole custody, only one parent maintains the power to do so.  

When parents with joint legal custody disagree on parenting decisions, the family court may need to decide on their behalf.

Physical Custody in Beverly Hills

Physical custody may also be held jointly by both parents or solely by one parent. Joint physical custody is an arrangement where a child spends a substantial amount of time with both parents.  This is not necessarily an equal split due to school and activity schedules.

The Best Interests of the Child

All child custody orders in Beverly Hills and throughout California are made and ordered according to the best interests of the child or children involved. This means the court considers several factors when rendering its decision.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • The health, safety, and welfare of the child (Fam. Code § 3011(a)(1))
  • The desires of the child (beginning at age 14) (Fam. Code § 3042)
  • The stability of each parent
  • Any history of domestic violence or abuse by either parent (Fam. Code § 3020(a), § 3011(a)(2)(A), § 3044)
  • Habitual illegal use of controlled substances and abuse of alcohol or prescription drugs by either parent (Fam. Code § 3011(a)(4))
  • Each parent’s ability to care for the child
  • The nature and amount of contact the child currently has with each parent (Fam. Code § 3011(a)(3))
  • The family court may make any orders regarding the custody of a child during the child’s minority that seem necessary or proper (Fam. Code § 3022) if the parents cannot agree in child custody mediation.

The court does not consider a parent’s sex, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation when making child custody determinations.

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