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If you’re facing a divorce in Pacific Palisades, you need a resolution-focused divorce attorney who will craft a compelling case for the outcomes you’re seeking, while minimizing contention whenever possible. The Pacific Palisades divorce lawyers at Fernandez & Karney have a combined 100 years of experience deftly navigating California divorce law for our clients even in the most complex cases.

No one walks down the aisle expecting the journey to end in divorce, but a significant number of spouses eventually decide it’s best to part and go their own ways. In the best-case scenario, a divorcing couple decides to part amicably and agrees on all terms without requiring a judge or courtroom. Sadly, contentious divorces are far more common.

When Should I Contact a Pacific Palisades Divorce Attorney?

If you’ve decided a divorce is the inevitable conclusion of your marital journey, it’s best to contact an attorney before you file so your Pacific Palisades divorce lawyer can advise you on preparing for separating assets. An attorney will diligently prepare and file your divorce petition. If your spouse filed for divorce, you are the respondent in the case. Consult with an attorney from Fernandez & Karney before filing your response.

It’s especially important to hire a Pacific Palisades family law attorney when a divorce involves children. The courts place the best interests of children as their highest priority in all decisions. It’s essential to have strong legal representation when resolving matters of child custody and support.

When Should I File for Divorce?

You or your spouse must have been a resident of California for at least 6 months before filing for divorce. You also must be a resident of the country in which you’re filing for at least 3 months. If you and/or your spouse make the decision that going your separate ways is the inevitable conclusion for your relationship, it’s time to begin the process of making it official so you can move forward.

How Can a Divorce Attorney Help My Case?

California’s community property laws demand that divorcing spouses divide their marital assets and debts as close to 50/50 as possible. Family courts in Pacific Palisades also make critical decisions about child custody and support that can have a significant impact on your life and those of your children going forward into your new lives.

A diligent divorce lawyer in Pacific Palisades can represent your best interests throughout the divorce process in California, including:

  • Reviewing all assets to determine separate property vs marital property
  • Negotiating the division of marital assets while defending your rights and arguing aggressively for your desired outcome
  • Suggesting resolutions to minimize contention and attempt an out-of-court agreement
  • Ensuring the prompt filing of all paperwork and petitions in your case
  • Working toward your desired outcomes for child custody/parenting time
  • Defending your interests in matters of child support and spousal maintenance (alimony)
  • Representing you in all legal proceedings throughout the divorce process

No one should navigate complex divorce law alone. The attorneys at the Pacific Palisades law office of Fernandez & Karney are both experienced and compassionate. We’re ready to ensure real results with resolutions for all of the legal issues you’re facing in divorce.

How Much Does a Pacific Palisades Divorce Attorney Charge?

The total cost of your divorce case in Pacific Palisades depends on the complexity of your case. High-asset divorces with extensive properties and investments may require a thorough review and a great deal of negotiation with the aim of settling out of court. Divorce cases in Pacific Palisades that go to trial cost significantly more than those that spouses resolve out of court together with their attorneys.

Family lawyers in Pacific Palisades and the surrounding region charge anywhere from $300-$700 per hour. During your initial consultation, your attorney from Fernandez & Karney will discuss hourly rates as well as the amount of time and work they anticipate for a resolution in your case with no hidden fees or surprise costs.

Considerations in a Divorce in Pacific Palisades

Divorce is a highly emotional matter, and keeping a cool head when deciding on important issues of child custody and the distribution of your marital assets can be challenging. Much of what’s decided in your divorce agreement will have a serious impact on your life moving forward after the divorce. It’s of paramount importance to have a skilled divorce attorney in Pacific Palisades to work toward the best possible resolution for every consideration in your case.

The Pacific Palisades divorce lawyers at Fernandez & Karney are ready to stand by your side through all aspects of the divorce process.