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Certified Family Law Specialists

Steve Fernandez and Mark Karney are Certified Family Law Specialists*

“Dear Mr. Mark Karney,
I would first like to apologize for taking so long to write to you and thank you for the amazing work you did for my family and I. You will never know how much all you did meant to me. My child custody case was a complicated one because it was a move away case. As trying as it was at times you handled it professionally and with integrity. I honestly do not believe I would have achieved the desired outcome that I did without your law firm. Your knowledge, confidence and real desire for what was in the best interest of my daughters was honorable. Thanks to you and your law firm I received primary custody of my daughters and we were allowed to move away. We are living the life we dreamed and I just want you to know how truly grateful I am to you.”



“Divorce attorney Mark Karney took over my case with a high level of professionalism and integrity. He explained all the legal aspects in detail and he was up front with me from the beginning about my chances, legal options, time expected, possible outcomes, and legal fees. Mr. Karney was a true professional every step of the way and always responded to all my phone calls in a timely manner and answered all the questions I had.”



“I am still in the midst of my divorce case and it’s a kicker tearing me inside out and let me tell you I could not have landed in a better firm. They are managing me terrifically. There have been times when they could have milked me pushing ideas of restraining orders etc..when I became distraught and they didn’t. There are many wrong turns I could have taken that could have derailed my case but they have kept all aligned in a conservative and smart, tactical way.”



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Fernandez & Karney is a prominent Los Angeles family law firm with over 100 years of combined experience. Our founding partners, Steven Fernandez and Mark Karney, are Certified Family Law Specialists (CFLS).

Certified Family Law Specialists with 50 Years Experience


In order to become a CFLS, an attorney must demonstrate a high level of experience in family law, pass additional testing, and receive favorable reviews from judges and other attorneys. This certification, given by the California State Bar, ensures that you will have highly qualified attorneys working on every aspect of your family law matter.

Additionally, Fernandez & Karney has an experienced team of associate attorneys and paralegals committed to protecting your rights and improving your legal position. We understand the stress involved when dealing with a divorce or family legal related matter. You can rest assured that you will have a highly qualified Los Angeles family law attorney handling your case and communicating with you in a timely manner throughout the entire process.

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When dealing with a family law matter such as divorce, property division, or child custody, you need a Los Angeles family attorney on your side with a proven track record. While family law court orders are often modifiable, the courts tend to give deference to the past order. Therefore, getting it right the first time is important.

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At Fernandez & Karney, we understand how difficult the legal process can be and will use our extensive experience to help you achieve your objectives. We are skilled negotiators and seasoned trial attorneys, which means we are prepared to secure a favorable outcome for you whether it’s through mediation or in the courtroom.

Since time is everyone’s most precious resource, let our Los Angeles family law attorneys help you resolve your legal issues and transition into the next stage of your life.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We assist clients throughout Los Angeles.

Our family law practice includes divorce, child custody, child support, complex property division, domestic violence, post-judgment enforcement and modifications, spousal support collection of child and spousal support arrearages, and paternity.

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Property Division

Certified Family Law Specialist Steven Fernandez specializes in high asset financial divorce cases. Mr. Fernandez has over 31 years of experience and is a graduate of UCLA School of Law.

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Child Custody & Domestic Violence

Experienced Family Law attorney Crystal Boultinghouse will zealously represent you in child custody and domestic violence proceedings.

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Certified Family Law Specialist Mark Karney brings over twenty years of family law experience to your divorce
and custody case.

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