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Divorces are difficult, both emotionally and legally. While issues of deciding child custody and visitation rights are often the most emotionally fraught aspects of the divorce, dividing marital property in California may be the most contentious. When divorcing spouses have complex assets and properties, navigating the process and resolving disputes become far more challenging.

No one should take on the divorce process in Calabasas without an experienced attorney but for those with many assets, shared properties, businesses, and diverse portfolios, a divorce lawyer in Calabasas with experience in complex property division is a must.

If you’re facing a divorce with complex property division disputes in Calabasas or the surrounding area, a California property division lawyer from Fernandez & Karney can help defend your property rights while working toward a resolution. Call or reach out  to our Calabasas complex property division attorneys online now for a consultation.

Why Choose Us for Your Property Division Attorneys in Calabasas?

When divorce is in your future or you’ve filed or been served a divorce petition, your best ally in the process is a certified family lawyer from Fernandez & Karney Family Law Attorneys in Calabasas. With over 25 years of combined experience in complex property division divorces in California and navigating high-asset divorces, attorneys Steven Fernandez and Mark Karney have a successful track record of protecting our client’s interests and goals. Our prestigious firm offers our clients the following advantages:

  • A free consultation for prospective clients seeking legal counsel for complex property division or high asset divorces
  • Collaborative strategizing with seven skilled attorneys with over 120 years of combined experience in California’s divorce laws
  • Resolution and results-based attorneys with the goal of helping clients make the best possible transition to a new forward pathway
  • All the resources of a large family law office with the personalized attention and individual strategies of a small firm
  • Renowned divorce lawyers in California who offer creative solutions for the most complex divorce disputes

With clients ranging from business moguls and celebrities with complex property division disputes in California to small business owners, our divorce law firm in Calabasas is ideally suited to protecting your interests in a divorce involving complex properties and assets.

How a Complex Property Division Lawyer in Calabasas Can Help

In a difficult divorce situation, clients with complex properties need an attorney who offers clarity, knowledge, and impartiality. Your attorney from Fernandez & Karney is ready to protect your interests and work toward your desired outcomes in all aspects of California’s division of community property laws by doing the following:

  • Engaging in a thorough discovery period process by requesting all financial documents from your spouse
  • Diligently protecting your separate assets
  • Ensuring accurate assessments of the values of all properties and assets
  • Examining your spouse’s separate property claims
  • Meticulously defending your share of marital community assets
  • Protecting your rights and best interests throughout every stage of the divorce process so we miss no assets or properties you’re entitled to under California’s laws

At Fernandez & Karney, we offer solutions and work toward the most amicable resolutions whenever possible in a complex property divorce without ever compromising on our client’s rights and goals.

Understanding California’s Community Property Divorce Laws

California considers marriage a legal contract forming a “community” of two. As with all contracts, breaking the contract comes with legal obligations and consequences. Under the state’s community property divorce laws, all properties and assets spouses accumulate during their marriage belong equally to the community. Spouses may retain any separate property but must equally divide community property and debts during a California divorce. In a complex property division divorce in Calabasas, this means carefully categorizing our client’s separate property, including:

  • Any property or assets belonging to you alone before the marriage and not commingled with your spouse during the marriage
  • Any property inherited by you or gifted only to you during the marriage
  • Profits or rents from any property belonging solely to you before the marriage

Community property in California divorces includes:

  • All accounts, investments, real estate properties, and businesses accumulated during the marriage regardless of which spouse’s name is on the account or property deed
  • All debts acquired during the marriage
  • All marital household property such as vehicles, RVs, antiques, collectibles, artwork, electronics, and household furnishings

For spouses with few marital assets, the division of their community property is a straightforward process, but for those with substantial assets or complicated community property holdings such as rental properties, businesses, and intellectual property, discerning separate assets from marital property becomes complicated. This is especially true in cases of commingled property in complex property division divorces.

How Does Commingled Property Cause Complex Property Division Divorces in Calabasas?

If you and your spouse have complex properties, assets, accounts, and business holdings to divide, the Calabasas complex property division lawyers at Fernandez & Karney will ensure you retain your separate property while also securing your share of marital property, including your portion of any commingled assets. Commingling occurs when one spouse allows the other access to previously separate accounts or when one spouse invests time and/or money into their spouse’s real estate property or business.

Settlement Vs. Divorce Litigation in Complex Property Division Divorces in Calabasas

Working toward an out-of-court resolution on all disputed matters of property division can result in a settlement agreement. This saves time, money, and contentious court battles with a spouse. At Fernandez & Karney, we’ll protect your rights while working toward a settlement agreement whenever possible so you can move forward with everything you’re entitled to in a California complex property divorce with the least amount of rancor. However, we are also strong litigators with decades of experience navigating the most complex issues of property division in California divorce courts. We will defend your rights and protect your best interests throughout every stage of the process while navigating:

  • Discovery
  • Document requests and responses
  • Negotiations
  • Mediation
  • Pre-trial hearings
  • Divorce trial litigation

Our experienced attorneys also deftly handle all aspects of divorce, including critical matters of child custody, child support, and spousal support.

How Much Does a Property Division Lawyer in Calabasas Cost?

Every divorce is as unique as every marriage. Average divorces in California cost around $15,000 but some cost less when spouses form a settlement agreement rather than going to court. Other divorces cost far more when disputes arise over the division of complex properties, assets, and business holdings.

During your consultation with the Calabasas divorce attorneys at Fernandez & Karney, your attorney will evaluate your case and give you a better idea of the costs you’re facing as well as what you can expect out of the complex property division process.

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