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Our Data Management Department employs the latest technological advances in electronic document storage to facilitate the litigation process. Using high-speed scanners, a secure on-site server, state of the art software, and a sophisticated data management system, all of your case data is electronically stored and systematically organized so that it is electronically searchable and immediately accessible to our Los Angeles family law attorneys and staff. Digital information maintenance enables us to easily transmit litigation data to our clients and appropriate third parties.

Data Management Goals

Uniformity: The protocols seek to develop a uniform system of information management so as to function as a single unit and not a collection of independently operating cells. This means uniform case management and filing for all departments within the firm, from the time of intake of a client file through final disposition.

Simplicity: Simplicity is intended to make these protocols intuitive and thereby easier to learn and follow. The goal is to keep working systems of information management in place wherever possible and have new systems be only as complex as functionally necessary.

Order: As the single most important goal of these protocols, the order of a given file will make it easier for an attorney or staff member to familiarize themselves with the specifics of a case and make crucial data accessible at the time of meetings, depositions, hearings, and trial.

Aesthetics and Presentation: The information management is intended to be more than just functional. The order and appearance of our client’s files will reflect the consideration taken with client information throughout the litigation process. We are committed to this process knowing that out of comprehensive information management and order emanates strength.

Trust: The overarching goal of these information management protocols is to better serve all of our clients by meticulously managing all of their data.