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A Parenting Plan is a detailed cooperative approach to divorced parents raising their children. To be effective, it should be detailed enough so that each parent realizes their rights, duties and responsibilities. Most importantly, it must be customized as much as possible to accommodate both parents’ work schedules and lifestyles.

The menu below lists many possibilities for both legal and physical custody. Please check the items that apply to your situation and provide for future growth. Children now in preschool will shortly enroll in elementary school. Fifth graders turn into teenagers before you realize it. The following is an excerpt from our Parent Plan Outline, feel free to modify any of the paragraphs so that it meets your needs.



  1. FREE CONTACT: It is the intent of this agreement that each of the parents shall exert every effort to maintain free access and unhampered contact between the child(ren) and the other parent.
  2. MUTUAL RESPECT: Neither parent shall do anything which shall estrange or separate the child(ren) from each other or damage the natural development of the child(ren’s) love and respect for each of the parents.
  3. MUTUAL RIGHTS: Both parents understand that parenting requires the acceptance of mutual rights and responsibilities where the child(ren) is/are concerned.
  4. CHECKING UP: Neither party will pump the child(ren) for information about the other.
    • INSTRUCTIONS: Choose ~ Joint or Sole Legal Custody.
      • DEFINITION – SOLE LEGAL CUSTODY: Only one parent shall have the right and responsibility to make decisions relating to the health, education, welfare and legal responsibilities of the child(ren).
      • RIGHTS TO SOLE LEGAL CUSTODY: Petitioner/Respondent shall have sole legal custody in the matters relating to health, education and welfare of the child(ren) named above.
  6. JOINT LEGAL CUSTODY NOTICE-MEDICAL VISITS: Unless an emergency, each party shall inform the other and allow the other to attend any and all scheduled visits the child(ren) has with any health professional.
    • DEFINITION – JOINT LEGAL CUSTODY: Both parents understand that ioint leaal custodymeans that ~ parents shall have the right and responsibility to make decisions relating to the health, education and welfare of the child(ren).
    • JOINT LEGAL CUSTODY: The parents shall have joint legal custody which shall include the following rights and responsibilities. If those rights and responsibilities require mutual consent, failure to obtain mutual consent prior to implementation, may be considered in any future hearing regarding custody. Such actions may be considered a change of circumstances.
  7. MEDICAL EMERGENCY CARE AND EMERGENCY VISITS: Each party is to notify the other parent as soon as reasonably possible, of any emergency medical attention the child(ren) receives. Reasonable shall be determined based on the circumstances surrounding the situation.
  8. SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Each party shall inform the other of and allow the other to participate in any and all activities that take place at the minor’s school including, but not limited to, parent—teacher conferences, report cards, scholastic and diagnostic tests, enrollment in enrichment classes, request for parent conferences, sporting events, plays, and other extracurricular activities that the minor may partake in at school.
  9. DEFINITION: SCHOOLS: For the purpose of this section, the word school shall include any public/ private, day care, preschool, nursery, religious school, elementary, junior high, high school, and college, if the child is not emancipated.
  10. EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Each party shall inform the other and allow the other to participate in any and all extracurricular activities that the child(ren) may partake in, including, but not limited to, athletic, religious, art, music or social events.

For the full version of our Parenting Plan Outline please contact us.