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Whether you’re seeking child support from a co-parent, contesting a child support obligation, or seeking a modification of existing child support orders in Malibu, you need a Malibu child support lawyer with resolution-based legal strategies and workable solutions. Contact the Malibu child support attorneys at Fernandez and Karney today for a consultation so we can put our 100 years of combined legal experience and comprehensive knowledge of California family law behind your case.

California family courts take the stance that all parents have rights and responsibilities toward their children, including the obligation to support them. Whether you’re a parent facing a divorce in Malibu or the surrounding area, or you share a child with someone you never married, your child has the right to benefit from the income of both parents.

How Can a Malibu Child Support Lawyer Help My Case?

Child support is one of the most contentious issues in most divorces. The goal of the court in divorce cases involving children is to minimize disruption to the child’s lifestyle by bridging the income gap between the higher and lower-earning parent in balance with the amount of parenting time each parent has with the child.

When one household becomes two, the question of which parent pays support and how much they must pay can be distressing as one household becomes two, doubling the expenses that parents once shared.

A Malibu child support lawyer from Fernandez & Karney will help you with the complex process of navigating child support laws in California including:

  • Handling administrative and court procedures
  • Thoroughly reviewing the financial situations of both parents
  • Work toward an amicable resolution whenever possible
  • Ensure fair determination of the child support obligation
  • Establish paternity if required in your case

No matter which side of the child support issue you’re facing, you don’t want to be the party without skilled legal representation when the other benefits from an experienced Malibu family law attorney.

Calculating Child Support Payments in Malibu

Ultimately, the judge in child custody/support cases has the final authority to determine the amount of a child support obligation one parent pays to the other. However, California uses a structured formula as a guideline and offers an online calculator for parents to estimate the child support amount in their case.

The California child support calculator works under the state’s guidelines for determining child support through a payment estimator. However, there’s no guarantee that a judge will make the same determination should the matter require courtroom litigation, especially if there are other considerations in the case.

Considerations for Child Support in California

Calculating child support requires considering the following factors:

  • The number of children shared by the parents
  • The gross income and net disposable income of each parent
  • Tax considerations
  • The amount of custody/parenting time each parent has with the children
  • The childcare and healthcare requirements of each child
  • Any support a parent pays to children from another marriage or relationship

When a child has special needs or the outcome of the child support calculations is unfair to one parent the courts may deviate from the standard formula with evidence supporting the decision. That’s why you need a seasoned Malibu child support attorney from Fernandez & Karney representing you throughout the process of determining child support.

When Should I Contact an Attorney?

If you’re a parent facing divorce in Malibu, a parent seeking child support from an unmarried co-parent, or you’re being taken to court for a child support obligation, you shouldn’t have to navigate this complex area of family law alone. Contact an experienced attorney from Fernandez & Karney to represent your interests as well as the best interests of the children in your child support case:

  • As soon as you file for divorce or receive a petition for divorce from a co-parent
  • If a person to whom you were never married has petitioned the court for child support from you
  • If you require the determination of paternity for a child support obligation or request for child support
  • If you’ve experienced a change in circumstances and seek a modification of an existing order
  • If you require enforcement measures for back-owed child support

The Malibu child support lawyers at Fernandez and Karney understand that it’s crucial to have strong representation from the earliest point in any legal proceedings regarding child support. Strong resolution-based representation may help to spare the time and expense of a drawn-out legal procedure to achieve your objective.