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At Fernandez & Karney, our family law attorneys in Santa Monica can play a crucial role in helping victims of domestic violence navigate the legal system and protect their rights and safety. We understand that domestic violence is a disruptive occurrence and can be a primary reason for divorce or one spouse or partner’s unreasonable response to family law-related disputes. No matter when or why it occurs, it is never okay, and it is never the victim’s fault.

Our attorneys can help develop comprehensive legal strategies and safety plans tailored to our clients’ situations. We ensure they have the resources to stay safe while we handle the details of a restraining order and continue to provide the support and guidance they need throughout their legal journeys.

Meet with one of our skilled family law attorneys in Los Angeles County during a confidential consultation today to learn more about our approach to family law cases. Fernandez & Karney is a full-service family law firm that can assist you with any family law matter, regardless of its complexity.

The Definition of Domestic Violence in Santa Monica, California

What is the Definition of Domestic Violence in Santa Monica, California?

In California, domestic violence is defined under the California Penal Code § 13700(b) and other relevant laws. It encompasses a range of abusive behaviors committed by one person against another in certain specified relationships.

These relationships include spouses, present and former cohabitants, present and former dating or engaged partners, individuals who share a child, and family members, including parents, children, siblings, and in-laws.

Critical components of domestic violence in California may include any of the following:

  • Physical Abuse: Hitting, slapping, punching, kicking, shoving, strangling, or any bodily harm.
  • Sexual Abuse: Any non-consensual sexual act or behavior.
  • Emotional/Psychological Abuse: Verbal assaults, threats, intimidation, harassment, or stalking.
  • Economic Abuse: Controlling or restricting access to financial resources, employment, or education.
  • Destruction of Property: Damaging personal property, belongings, or pets.
  • Isolating the Victim: Preventing the victim from contacting friends, family, or other support systems.

If you have suffered abuse—whether it was once or repeated abuse—you have rights, and we can help you enforce them to help ensure your safety in the future. Contact our skilled domestic violence attorneys in Santa Monica today to learn more about your legal rights and options to put these dangerous circumstances behind you.

What Legal Protections and Remedies are Available for Domestic Violence Victims in Santa Monica, California?

The most common protection available for abuse victims in Santa Monica is restraining orders to protect themselves from further abuse.

The different types of protective orders include:

  • Emergency Protective Order (EPO): This order is issued by law enforcement and is valid for up to 7 days. It provides immediate protection.
  • Temporary Restraining Order (TRO): This is issued by the court and usually lasts until the hearing for a permanent restraining order.
  • Permanent Restraining Order (PRO): This is granted after a court hearing and can last up to 5 years, offering long-term protection.

The protections provided may include:

  • Prohibits contact with the victim through any means, including in person, phone, email, or social media.
  • Orders for the abuser to stay away from the victim’s home, workplace, school, and other specified locations.

Protective orders may also include child custody, visitation, and support provisions.

In addition, domestic violence is a crime, and abusers can be arrested and prosecuted. Police are required to respond to domestic violence calls and can make arrests if they believe an offense has occurred. Perpetrators of domestic violence may face criminal charges, including misdemeanor or felony charges, depending on the severity of the abuse.

At Fernandez & Karney, we are family law attorneys. This means we can use any domestic violence crimes to help build our client’s cases to file for divorce or legal separation to end the relationship with the abuser formally and petition the family law courts to issue orders for spousal support, division of property, and child custody and support.

Courts prioritize the safety of children and can grant sole or primary custody to the non-abusive parent, while supervised visitation may be ordered for the abusive parent.

With knowledgeable attorneys boasting over 120 years of combined legal experience, we are highly experienced in dealing with every aspect of a California domestic violence case. This gives you the confidence that your family law needs are in capable hands. Our unique approach to each case sets us apart, tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.


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