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Child Support Arrears

An arrear is a legal term that means someone is behind on an outstanding debt or liability. This term can apply to many different types of law. In family law, it is often used in the context of child support Read More>

I Got Hurt in a Car Accident and Can’t Pay Child Support – What Should I Do?

Supporting your children is your obligation as a parent. When you’re divorced, you might be ordered to pay child support. If you get into an accident, that might affect your ability to satisfy your child support obligations. What should you Read More>

Tyrese Gibson Asks Court to Limit Child Support Expenses

When parents get divorced, one often has the obligation of paying child support. This responsibility typically falls to the parent who either (a) spends less time with the child or (b) earns more money. When actor Tyrese Gibson divorced his Read More>

How Does Incarceration Affect a Parent’s Child Support Obligations?

It’s not uncommon for a child to experience parental incarceration at some point in their young lives. Parental incarceration simply means that one or more of the child’s parents is behind bars for a period of time. Having a parent Read More>

How Are Health Insurance Costs Factored Into Child Support?

When parents get divorced in California, it is often the children who suffer the consequences. In order to make the transition into their new life easier, California courts will refuse to sign off on a divorce until certain matters are Read More>

Why Do I Have to Pay Child Support If Share 50/50 Custody?

When you get divorced in California you have to make a lot of decisions about your future. If you have children, you’ll be required to make important decisions that will directly affect their lives, as well. Child custody and child Read More>

Child Timeshare and Support Requirements in California

There are many factors that go into determining how much child support a parent will be required to pay after a divorce. Child support can be essential to the health and well-being of a child, so it is important to Read More>

What is Imputed Income in Child Support Orders?

When parents are married, ensuring that their children are taken care of financially is fairly simple. When parents get divorced, however, things can become more complicated. In California, both parents bear an equal responsibility for taking care of any children Read More>

Fuller House Actress Required to Pay Child Support

Actress Jodie Sweetin, best known for her role as Stephanie Tanner on Full House and Fuller House, was recently ordered to pay $2,800 a month in child support to her ex-husband. The order was handed down after Sweetin’s husband alleged Read More>

What Will Happen to Child Support if I Remarry?

Barring the signing away of parental rights and the subsequent adoption of your child by your new spouse, the other parent will remain on the hook for supporting your child, despite your remarriage. In most cases, the income of a new spouse or partner will not be included in the child support calculation. Read More>

Does Child Support Cover Lessons and Activities for My Child?

Basic child support in California is meant to cover a wide range of expenses that come along with raising a child, from food and clothing to medical care and small living expenses. There is no set list of things child support can go towards because raising a child is simply not that cut and dry. Read More>

What Can I do if I Think My Child Support Amount is Too High?

There are a variety of reasons why a child support amount ordered may be unreasonable for the payor to pay each month. California child support is calculated off of a standard statewide formula that takes into account mainly parental income and the residential time distribution of the child between the two parents. Read More>

Will a Bonus be Considered Income?

Many financial aspects of your divorce will be determined based off of your income information. Generally, the court will consider any regularly occurring bonuses as income, subject to the child support guidelines just as wage earnings are. Read More>

What is Considered Income for Child Support Purposes?

Child support is calculated based off a statewide, standard guideline calculator that seeks to determine child support in a way that reflects mainly two things; the income of the parents and their residential time with the child. The income of the parent is determined by taking the gross income and deducting certain qualifying expenses to come to an amount that is available for child support. Read More>

How Will My Finances Change After a Divorce?

Everything changes after divorce, not least of which are your finances. Support orders, tax implications and a new living arrangement can mean you have to make a lot of changes in your spending habits. The biggest changes you can expect after divorce are either paying or receiving support and having a different asset profile. Read More>

Who Gets Child Support if We Have Similar Incomes?

In California, child support is calculated based off of a standard, state wide formula. This formula is mainly based off of the net income of the parents and the residential time distribution. Generally, whoever has more residential time with the child is the one who covers more costs, like food, clothing and incidentals. Read More>

How to Ensure Your Support Order is Feasible

Every divorce involving minor children will involve a child support order. Many divorces will also involve an order for spousal support. Read More>

Enforcing Child Support Orders When Support Goes Unpaid

Once a child support order is issued, monthly child support payments are enforceable. Unfortunately, there is no fail safe way to ensure those payments are actually made. Read More>

Tax Breaks for Parents: What You Can Expect After Divorce?

One of the many things that will change after divorce is your taxes. You will have a separate filing status and may be in significantly different financial circumstance. One thing that can change is your dependency exemptions. There are many tax breaks for parents. Read More>

Income and Child Support: What Happens When There is a Change in Circumstances?

Child support is based off of standard formulas that take into account, mainly, the time each parent spends with the child or children, based off of the custody and timesharing agreements, and the parents’ net income. Read More>

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