Spousal Abandonment Laws in California

Spousal abandonment occurs when a spouse walks away from a marriage and its legal, contractual commitments without terminating the marriage in the family court. Spousal abandonment can take different forms. A spouse may vanish, though this is difficult with today’s technology, withdraw any assets and financial support from the other, or move away and choose to neglect their partner and their children. Although marital abandonment has no effect on how…

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Differences Between a Lawyer and an Attorney

If you’re facing a divorce or other family law issue, you’ve probably been advised to hire a lawyer or attorney to guide you through the process. Hopefully, you’ll take that advice because it’s definitely not in your best interest to represent yourself in any legal matter. There’s simply too much at stake. How do you choose, though, between a lawyer and an attorney? They’re both the same, right? No. While…

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Why Family Code Section 3042 Should be Amended

No statute or court rule requires a child to testify in a California custody proceeding. (Court, rule 5.250(a).) However, if a child wishes to address the family law court, how does the judge decide whether to consider child’s custody preferences. California Family Code section 3042 confers on children “of sufficient age and capacity to reason so as to form an intelligent preference as to custody or visitation” a limited right to address…

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