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Category Archives: Annulment

Ex-NFL Player Asks Court to Annul His Marriage

Erik Kramer, an ex-NFL quarterback, recently asked a Los Angeles court to annul his marriage. He claims that he did not have the mental capacity to consent to the marriage. According to reports, Kramer attempted to take his own life Read More>

What’s the Difference Between an Annulment and a Divorce?

If you’re thinking about ending your marriage you may be wondering which legal options may be available to you. In California, divorce is the primary method for dissolving a marriage. However, there may be other options for ending your marriage. Read More>

How to Get an Annulment in California

If you’re recently gotten married but are trying to find a way to have the marriage dissolved, you may be able to get an annulment. In California, married individuals can dissolve a marriage through a divorce or by petitioning for Read More>

Annulments: Eligibility Criteria and Process

There are many different ways to end a marriage. For most people, they will go through the traditional divorce process. Read More>

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