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Category Archives: Taxes

Can I Deduct Any of My Divorce Costs?

Divorces can be expensive and often bring about significant changes to your finances. If you are going through a divorce, you may be wondering if any of the costs associated with it, such as court and attorney fees, are tax deductible. In general, the IRS does not allow costs associated with a divorce to be deducted from your income. Read More>

How Will My Finances Change After a Divorce?

Everything changes after divorce, not least of which are your finances. Support orders, tax implications and a new living arrangement can mean you have to make a lot of changes in your spending habits. The biggest changes you can expect after divorce are either paying or receiving support and having a different asset profile. Read More>

Tax Breaks for Parents: What You Can Expect After Divorce?

One of the many things that will change after divorce is your taxes. You will have a separate filing status and may be in significantly different financial circumstance. One thing that can change is your dependency exemptions. There are many tax breaks for parents. Read More>

How is Spousal Support Taxed?

With divorce comes many changes to your finances. Your taxes will be no exception. There are numerous tax regulations you should be aware of when getting a divorce. Read More>

Is Child Support Taxed?

Child support, unlike spousal support, is not considered general income. Thus, it is tax-free to the receiver. It is also not tax deductible to the payor. Read More>

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