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Category Archives: Prenup

Georgina Chapman Still Silent About Future Divorce From Harvey Weinstein

It has been more than two months since accusations of sexual assault and harassment against Harvey Weinstein began to surface. Since the initial accuser stepped forward, nearly 100 women, including some of the most famous actresses in the country, have Read More>

What To Include in a Prenuptial Agreement

When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shocked the world with news of their divorce enquiring minds seemed to want the inside scoop on one thing in particular – was there a prenup, and, if so, who gets what in the Read More>

Agreed Property Divisions In Divorce Cases

With the Los Angeles Dodgers back in the National League Championship Series, the team is in the headlines because of its on-the-field performance. But a little over a year ago, the team was in the headlines because of what happened Read More>

What Should I Know About Same-Sex Prenups and Divorces?

Same-sex prenuptial agreements, also called prenups or premarital agreements, are similarly structured as those for heterosexual couples. Read More>

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