What Is the Difference Between a Domestic Partnership and a Same-Sex Marriage?

Over the years, the struggle for gay and lesbian rights has resulted in three ways in which a same-sex couple can gain legal recognition for their relationship: through a civil union, a domestic partnership or a same-sex marriage. While not all same-sex couples in every state can choose from all these options, California provides same-sex couples with two legally recognized unions they can declare. Same-sex couples in California can now…

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What Should I Know About Same-Sex Prenups and Divorces?

California is a very progressive and open-minded state. In 2008, California began granting same-sex marriage licenses, opening up a new way for same-sex couples to formalize their union and garner themselves the same rights that heterosexual married couples have. Though Proposition 8 put California same-sex marriages on hold, again in 2013, same-sex marriage licenses began to be issued once more. Today, same-sex couples across California can choose to either enter…

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