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Category Archives: Domestic Violence

My Wife and Kids Actress Claims Domestic Violence Led to Divorce

Tisha Campbell, best known for her role on My Wife and Kids, filed for divorce from her husband in 2018. Nearly one year later, she has disclosed the reason for the divorce. Campbell claims that estranged husband, actor Duane Martin, Read More>

Getting a Kick Out Order During a California Divorce

Domestic violence is a very real issue for many Californians. Domestic violence can often lead to separation, divorce, and the dissolution of a marriage. If you have been the victim of domestic violence, or fear that your spouse may become Read More>

Domestic Violence and Protective Orders

Domestic violence is an increasingly common issue here in California. Earlier this month, in California, Tom Sizemore, Darren Collison (an NBA player for the Sacramento Kings), and Campbell City Councilman Jeffrey Cristina, just to name a few, were all arrested Read More>

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence, in California as well as elsewhere, affects many families. Domestic violence happens more than you would realize, in part because it is so hard to recognize. The traditional depiction of domestic violence is often a husband beating his wife. While this is indeed a common occurrence of domestic violence, the legal definition of domestic violence is much more broad. Read More>

Can I get Financial Support in a Domestic Violence Case?

Domestic violence in the home can result in drastic changes to your living arrangements and financial viability. If you are a victim of domestic violence and have to leave the family home to be safe, you might need financial support to allow you to financially support yourself during this time. Read More>

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