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Modifying Family Law Orders In California

During their adult lifetimes, most people relocate about twelve times. Some people move to get away from family, be closer to friends, or to get a fresh start in life; many more people relocate because of a job change or Read More>

What Can I do if I Think My Child Support Amount is Too High?

There are a variety of reasons why a child support amount ordered may be unreasonable for the payor to pay each month. California child support is calculated off of a standard statewide formula that takes into account mainly parental income and the residential time distribution of the child between the two parents. Read More>

What Will Happen to My Residential Time if I Move Overseas?

Even though you may have court orders that outline when and where you should be spending time with your child, eventually down the road you may no longer be able to accommodate this schedule, through no fault of your own. Today, moving overseas temporarily or permanently for your career is a common occurrence in some industries. Read More>

What Happens to Spousal Support if My Former Spouse Remarries?

Spousal support is usually modified or terminated when there is a significant change in circumstances that was not foreseeable at the time the support was ordered. These circumstances can include changes in income, financial need or living arrangements. Read More>

Post-Judgment Modifications: Can Spousal Support Change?

Spousal support is generally meant to be only temporary with the purpose of helping the supported spouse eventually become self-supporting. Read More>

Income and Child Support: What Happens When There is a Change in Circumstances?

Child support is based off of standard formulas that take into account, mainly, the time each parent spends with the child or children, based off of the custody and timesharing agreements, and the parents’ net income. Read More>

Cohabitation and Spousal Support: Where Responsibilities Lie

Circumstantial changes in the life of either the supported spouse or the supporting spouse can call for a modification or termination of an existing spousal support order. Spousal support is modified in the same manner it is ordered or terminated, by filing a Request for Order. Read More>

How is a Child Support Order Modified?

Child support is calculated off of a standard formula as set forth by the State of California but can be modified under certain circumstances. Read More>

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