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Can You Kidnap Your Own Child?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes. You can be guilty of kidnapping your own child. Parental kidnapping usually happens during a custody battle or combative divorce.  One parent decides to take the child physically away without the permission of the court Read More>

What Is Parental Alienation?

It is well established that a child’s attachment to each of his parents is essential to healthy mental development. Although it begins in infancy, the attachment process continues as the child ages. Any action by a parent which undermines this Read More>

Singer Kelis Accused of Violating Child Custody Order

In 2010, music stars Nas and Kelis divorced after five years of marriage. As part of the divorce, the couple had to negotiate terms of custody for their then one-year-old son. Both would have to follow the terms of this Read More>

What’s the Difference Between Sole and Shared Custody?

One of the biggest challenges of getting divorced is figuring out who will get custody of the kids, and when. One of the first things that ha to be determined is whether one parent will have sole custody of the Read More>

Designing a Holiday Child Custody Plan

The winter holidays are right around the corner. This is usually a time when families in Los Angeles gather and spend time together. However, the holidays can be difficult for families when parents are divorced. Figuring out which parent will Read More>

Who Gets Custody of the Kids While a Divorce is Pending?

Divorce can affect the whole family. This is particularly true if you have children. One requirement of divorce is figuring out who gets custody of the kids, and when. Negotiating custody can take time. What happens during the process of Read More>

Physical vs. Legal Custody

Parents who get divorced must try to agree on a custody arrangement for any minor children that they have together. In California, there are two distinct types of custody: legal and physical. Each type of custody refers to a different Read More>

Georgina Chapman Still Silent About Future Divorce From Harvey Weinstein

It has been more than two months since accusations of sexual assault and harassment against Harvey Weinstein began to surface. Since the initial accuser stepped forward, nearly 100 women, including some of the most famous actresses in the country, have Read More>

Is a Nesting Agreement Right For You?

Who gets custody of the kids? Will it be shared equally, or will one parent have sole custody? Where will the children live after a divorce? When will the non-custodial parent be allowed to have visitation? These are all incredibly Read More>

Requesting a Psychological Evaluation in Your Child Custody Matter

Today, 1 in 5 adults is affected by a mental health condition. Many times, the effects of these mental health issues can be minimized with medication, therapy, and self-care. There are times, however, when a mental health or psychological issue Read More>

Requesting a Drug Test in Your Child Custody Case

Rampant alcohol and drug use can pose a serious threat to the safety of your family. It is not uncommon for parents, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, to abuse or neglect their children. When you are married, you Read More>

Child Custody in California Divorces

One year ago, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shocked the world by filing for divorce in California. The power couple had been together for more than 11 years before deciding to end their marriage. During that 11 years, the couple Read More>

Do We Have to Agree on Who the Nanny Is?

One of the more common issues relevant to modern day families with two busy parents is the issue of childcare. Ideally, you should both agree on any childcare providers that will take care of your child. Read More>

Can I See My Kids Outside of My Designated Parenting Time?

The timesharing schedule puts in effect a plan for when and where you will spend time with your child. Although your child’s time may be divided up between you and the other parent, the timesharing schedule does not prevent you from trying to spend time with your child outside of you designated residential time. Read More>

How Will My Divorce Affect My Children?

It should come to no surprise that your children might be affected by your divorce. How the divorce will affect your children will vary based on the circumstances, however by looking at the key changes in your child’s life, you can identify the areas they may be struggling with. Read More>

How to Co-Parent in the Age of iPads

Co-parenting is likely one of the biggest challenges you will face post-divorce. You will be encouraged by California family law courts to facilitate your child having a close and meaningful relationship with their other parent and to craft a parenting plan that works for your family. Recently, technology has provided us means to better facilitate quality visitation time for your child and their other parent, despite these challenges of modern day life. Read More>

What Can be Deducted from My Income for Child Support Purposes?

Child support is calculated based off of the state of California’s standardized child support guideline calculator. The calculator determines child support using several pieces of information but it mainly takes into consideration the income of the two parents and the residential time division between them. Since child support relies so heavily on parental income, there are a lot of details to consider when determining what your income is for child support purposes. Read More>

What Will Happen to My Residential Time if I Move Overseas?

Even though you may have court orders that outline when and where you should be spending time with your child, eventually down the road you may no longer be able to accommodate this schedule, through no fault of your own. Today, moving overseas temporarily or permanently for your career is a common occurrence in some industries. Read More>

Can the Other Parent Take Away My Parental Rights?

In the eyes of California family law, every child deserves a mother and a father who are both financially responsible for them and provide them with the necessities for healthy development. For this reason, parental rights are highly protected in family law courts. Very few things can take your rights as a parent away. Read More>

The Benefits of Residential Time

The benefits of spending time with your child are plenty and obvious. An equally shared residential schedule is what is best for your child and their normal development. Read More>

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