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Category Archives: Spousal Support

What’s the Difference Between Alimony and Spousal Support?

There are many contentious issues that can come up when you are getting divorced. Often, these include child custody, child support, property division, alimony, and spousal support. Of all of these, issues concerning alimony and spousal support seem to be Read More>

Can I Get Alimony While the Divorce is Pending?

Divorce is always a stressful experience. It becomes more stressful if you are the lower-earning spouse who is trying to make ends meet after the initial separation. This is a common problem in the early phases of separation and divorce. Read More>

Couples Rushing to Finalize Divorces Before the End of the Year

Couples across the country are racing to finalize their divorces before the end of the year. Courts have indicated that they are already seeing more divorce cases than is typical for this time of the year. Why? Starting January 1, Read More>

How Will the GOP Tax Law Affect Alimony Payments in Los Angeles?

When couples get divorced in Los Angeles, it is not uncommon for the spouse who earns less money to ask for alimony. Alimony, which is often referred to as spousal support, is a form of financial assistance that is paid Read More>

How Soon Can I Get Spousal Support?

In many divorces, one spouse will need spousal support after the physical separation in order to meet costs. Temporary spousal support can be awarded to this spouse, to help them meet their living expenses while the divorce is worked out. Read More>

Can My Domestic Partner Ask for Spousal Support?

Some couples decide to enter into a domestic partnership instead of a same-sex marriage for personal reasons. However, in the eyes of California family law, a domestic partnership is a lot like a marriage. Read More>

Can I get Financial Support in a Domestic Violence Case?

Domestic violence in the home can result in drastic changes to your living arrangements and financial viability. If you are a victim of domestic violence and have to leave the family home to be safe, you might need financial support to allow you to financially support yourself during this time. Read More>

What is Imputed Income?

Income comes into play in many aspects of a divorce. Child support and spousal support, along with the division of assets, require information about both spouses’ income to be calculated according to California family law statute. This income information includes how much a spouse makes as well as how much they can make. Imputed income is what their income could be, given the job market where they live and their earning capacity. Read More>

How Will My Finances Change After a Divorce?

Everything changes after divorce, not least of which are your finances. Support orders, tax implications and a new living arrangement can mean you have to make a lot of changes in your spending habits. The biggest changes you can expect after divorce are either paying or receiving support and having a different asset profile. Read More>

What Happens to Spousal Support if My Former Spouse Remarries?

Spousal support is usually modified or terminated when there is a significant change in circumstances that was not foreseeable at the time the support was ordered. These circumstances can include changes in income, financial need or living arrangements. Read More>

How to Ensure Your Support Order is Feasible

Every divorce involving minor children will involve a child support order. Many divorces will also involve an order for spousal support. Read More>

Working Spouses: Can the Judge Order My Spouse to Work?

After a divorce, you or your spouse may be awarded spousal support for a period of time. The intent of spousal support is to provide temporary financial support for a spouse until they can become self-supporting. Read More>

Stay at Home Spouses: What You Can Expect After Divorce

If you are a stay at home parent or homemaker, you might be worried about what your role will be after the divorce. Until now, your role has been in the home as a caregiver and a supportive presence to your working spouse. Read More>

Temporary Support: Who Pays for What During Divorce Proceedings?

When one spouse moves out, another household will have to be maintained, especially if children are involved. While it is not required one spouse move out at the point of separation, when and if they do, the courts have allowed for something called temporary spousal support. Read More>

Post-Judgment Modifications: Can Spousal Support Change?

Spousal support is generally meant to be only temporary with the purpose of helping the supported spouse eventually become self-supporting. Read More>

Expectations After Divorce: Why Standard of Living Matters

Spousal support, also called alimony, is not calculated according to a state-standardized formula as child support is. The courts use a variety of different factors to determine a reasonable spousal support award. Read More>

Cohabitation and Spousal Support: Where Responsibilities Lie

Circumstantial changes in the life of either the supported spouse or the supporting spouse can call for a modification or termination of an existing spousal support order. Spousal support is modified in the same manner it is ordered or terminated, by filing a Request for Order. Read More>

What Happens When Spousal Support is Not Paid?

Spousal support is an important part of many divorces. When one spouse was not working during the marriage or has a significantly smaller income or earning capacity, spousal support is often needed to help them maintain a similar style of living they grew accustomed to during the marriage. Read More>

Ending Spousal Support

When spousal support is ordered, the order can include a date of termination of the support. To end spousal support before the termination date, there must have been significant change in circumstances. Read More>

How is Spousal Support Taxed?

With divorce comes many changes to your finances. Your taxes will be no exception. There are numerous tax regulations you should be aware of when getting a divorce. Read More>

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