What Can I do if I Think My Child Support Amount is Too High?

There are a variety of reasons why a child support amount ordered may be unreasonable for the payor to pay each month. California child support is calculated off of a standard statewide formula that takes into account mainly parental income and the residential time distribution of the child between the two parents. Both of these significant factors can easily change after the date the order is put into effect. As…

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What is a Court Issued Order?

In the world of divorce, much of what is finalized goes into a court order. A court order is a document representing an order from the court to do something. Orders can be issued on a wide range of issues. A domestic violence restraining order can be issued in domestic violence cases, which order a person to not contact another person. Child support and custody orders can be issued in cases…

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What Happens When Spousal Support is Not Paid?

Spousal support is an important part of many divorces. When one spouse was not working during the marriage or has a significantly smaller income or earning capacity, spousal support is often needed to help them maintain a similar style of living they grew accustomed to during the marriage. If there are still minor children at home, this is necessary to ensure their lives are not disrupted needlessly by the divorce….

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