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A Modern Family Actress Has Separated From Her Husband: What Does This Mean?

Julie Bowen, who is currently best known for her role as Claire Dunphy on the hit sitcom Modern Family, is having some modern family troubles of her own. It was recently reported that Bowen and her husband, who have been Read More>

Can I get Financial Support in a Domestic Violence Case?

Domestic violence in the home can result in drastic changes to your living arrangements and financial viability. If you are a victim of domestic violence and have to leave the family home to be safe, you might need financial support to allow you to financially support yourself during this time. Read More>

The First Steps in Beginning Your Divorce Proceedings

Once you decide that you and your spouse can no longer make it work, you may be wondering what your first steps are. Your first steps will depend on how you will end your marriage. Read More>

Annulments: Eligibility Criteria and Process

There are many different ways to end a marriage. For most people, they will go through the traditional divorce process. Read More>

Rights to Residence: Can I be Kicked Out of My Own House?

When a couple comes to the conclusion that they want a divorce, one spouse will usually move out. If there are children involved, whoever is the primary care taker will generally stay with the children in the family home. Read More>

Temporary Support: Who Pays for What During Divorce Proceedings?

When one spouse moves out, another household will have to be maintained, especially if children are involved. While it is not required one spouse move out at the point of separation, when and if they do, the courts have allowed for something called temporary spousal support. Read More>

What is a Schedule of Assets and Debts?

As part of a divorce, both parties will be required to fill out and file a Schedule of Assets and Debts. Dividing the assets and debts in a marriage can be fairly complicated. Read More>

How Does a Legal Separation Differ from a Divorce?

When couples run into hard times and can no longer work things out, they have a few options. For some couples, divorce is the only option. For others, legal separation meets their immediate needs of physical separation from their spouse without the permanency or ramifications of divorce. Read More>

Managing a Demanding Work Schedule with Joint Custody

It is important you exercise your timesharing rights and have to accommodate the other parent’s schedule as well. After agreeing upon a timesharing schedule in your Parenting Plan, the family law courts will enforce it and hold each parent to “making it work”. Read More>

Will a Significant Raise or Promotion Change My Spousal Support?

Once ordered, spousal support can change only if petitioned with the court. To have a spousal support order modified, the party petitioning for the modification must demonstrate that there has been a change in circumstances (generally financial) that could not have been foreseen prior to the order being finalized. Read More>

Why is Our Date of Separation Important?

The date of separation, when following a paper trail, can identify funds spent or financial actions taken after the couple decided to get divorced. Read More>

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