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Category Archives: Debts

Can We Divide our Assets However We Want?

During a divorce, much of what happens and decided upon is up to you, as long as you follow standard California family laws and your spouse is in agreement with you. For example, you can divide up your debts and assets according to your needs, as long as your spouse agrees to the division and the total net value of your marriage is equally distributed. Read More>

How Can a Divorce Affect My Credit?

During a divorce, your resources of time, money and patience will deplete. Because of this, it is easy to overlook a few late payments here and there. Similarly, if your spouse has been ordered to pay for certain bills during and/or after the divorce, you could be subject to the consequences of them not following that order. Read More>

What Happens to Student Loans in a Divorce?

You may be wondering how your or your spouse’s student loans will be divided in the divorce. If you both have equal student loan debt, the arraignment may be easy to work out. If the debt is more skewed, you may want to focus on dividing the total net value rather than each individual debt or asset. Read More>

Attorney’s Fees: Who Pays for Them?

Divorce can be expensive, this we all know. It can also be affordable under certain circumstances. Every divorce is different and will require more or less time or efforts dependent on how complex it is. Read More>

Debt Division During Divorce

Property division in a divorce is almost always paired with the division of community debt. Since California is a community property state, upon divorce, it is the net value of the marital community that is being divided, not just the assets. Read More>

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