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Category Archives: Los Angeles Divorce

Do I Have to Sell My Home in a California Divorce?

Depending on whether the house is separate, community or mixed separate and community property, the value of your home can be divided in a variety of ways. Read More>

Can I Do My Divorce Online?

The Internet has changed how we do many things, from shopping to dating to even divorce. Today, many aspects of a divorce can be done online and through various forms of electronic records filing and communication. Read More>

How are International Divorces Handled?

Many Californians have business or other interests that take them to other countries. However, if you or your spouse previously lived in California but one of you have maintained a California residency, you may still be able to file for divorce as any Californian resident would. Read More>

How is My Personal Information Protected in a Divorce?

While those working in the field of law are held to the highest standards of confidentiality, family law in particular, most divorce records are still publicly available. Ask your attorney what privacy practices they engage in. A reputable family law attorney will have a system of keeping track of and protecting client information. Read More>

What Does In Good Faith Mean?

As you talk to attorneys and read about the divorce process, you may come across the term “good faith”. Being in good faith basically means you are participating in or contributing to something honestly and fairly, adhering to the guidelines and expectations of that certain act or thing. Read More>

What is a Certified Family Law Specialist?

When you are looking for a good family law attorney, you may be surprised to find out just how many attorneys claim to practice family law and handle divorces. While it is true many practicing attorneys can handle a divorce, if their specialty is in another field, they may be no better prepared to handle a divorce than you are. Read More>

What Should I do Before Filing for Divorce?

Filing for a divorce is a big step. It may be a relief after dealing with a troubled relationship or you may feel it was an abrupt decision on your spouse’s part. Either way, the divorce process will be difficult. Prior to filing for divorce, you should familiarize yourself with the divorce process and what you might be facing in the near future. Read More>

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

Couples decide to divorce when they simply cannot make things work anymore. However, while divorce is usually brought on by conflict, sometimes a couple can agree in full with the terms of the divorce and all its components. Read More>

Rights to Residence: Can I be Kicked Out of My Own House?

When a couple comes to the conclusion that they want a divorce, one spouse will usually move out. If there are children involved, whoever is the primary care taker will generally stay with the children in the family home. Read More>

Expectations After Divorce: Why Standard of Living Matters

Spousal support, also called alimony, is not calculated according to a state-standardized formula as child support is. The courts use a variety of different factors to determine a reasonable spousal support award. Read More>

Debt Division During Divorce

Property division in a divorce is almost always paired with the division of community debt. Since California is a community property state, upon divorce, it is the net value of the marital community that is being divided, not just the assets. Read More>

What is a Schedule of Assets and Debts?

As part of a divorce, both parties will be required to fill out and file a Schedule of Assets and Debts. Dividing the assets and debts in a marriage can be fairly complicated. Read More>

What Happens When Spousal Support is Not Paid?

Spousal support is an important part of many divorces. When one spouse was not working during the marriage or has a significantly smaller income or earning capacity, spousal support is often needed to help them maintain a similar style of living they grew accustomed to during the marriage. Read More>

How Does a Legal Separation Differ from a Divorce?

When couples run into hard times and can no longer work things out, they have a few options. For some couples, divorce is the only option. For others, legal separation meets their immediate needs of physical separation from their spouse without the permanency or ramifications of divorce. Read More>

Is Gifted Jewelry Considered Community Property?

Husbands often give gifts to their wives before and during the marriage. One of the most valuable, and perhaps most sentimental of gifts, will be jewelry. When couples divorce, personal belongings, property and other assets and debts all have to be divided. Read More>

Ending Spousal Support

When spousal support is ordered, the order can include a date of termination of the support. To end spousal support before the termination date, there must have been significant change in circumstances. Read More>

Business Ownership and Divorce

Owning a business can bring you financial security and sustainability. When you divorce, that security and stability is put at risk. As a community property state, California requires all assets or property acquired during the marriage with funds and efforts from the marital community be divided equally in divorce. Read More>

Will a Significant Raise or Promotion Change My Spousal Support?

Once ordered, spousal support can change only if petitioned with the court. To have a spousal support order modified, the party petitioning for the modification must demonstrate that there has been a change in circumstances (generally financial) that could not have been foreseen prior to the order being finalized. Read More>

Why is Our Date of Separation Important?

The date of separation, when following a paper trail, can identify funds spent or financial actions taken after the couple decided to get divorced. Read More>

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