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How Do I Demonstrate Standard of Living in Litigation?

In California divorces, status quo is important. The status quo is the standing of living the two parties to the divorce enjoyed and had grown used to over the course of the marriage. Generally, family law courts will strive to maintain the marital standard of living when they are making a determination on spousal support. Read More>

Who Can I Have as an Expert Witness in My Divorce Case?

You may think of an expert witness as someone who provides illuminating facts in criminal cases. However, they can be extremely helpful in divorce cases as well. Expert witness statements can facilitate case decisions in the face of highly disputed issues and facts Read More>

What Are Final Divorce Papers?

A divorce judgment is the final decree, or court order, which outlines all the agreements and decisions made in the divorce and refers to the corresponding attachments. Which attachments are required will vary depending on the specifics and jurisdiction of your case. Read More>

I’ve Just Been Served; What is a Summons?

The two initial divorce papers you will be served with are the Summons and the Petition for Dissolution. The Summons is a document that officially notifies a party to a case that he or she has been sued. Read More>

What is a Petition for Dissolution?

One of the first documents required in a divorce is the Petition for Dissolution, served alongside the Summons. A petition is a document that you, as the petitioner, file with the court, requesting a certain judicial action take place.
Read More>

How Do I Serve My Spouse with Divorce Papers?

One of the most important parts of your divorce will be the service of the other party, your spouse, with the Summons and Petition for Dissolution. Service of your spouse, also called service of process, is an important step because from the date they are served, their deadline to respond starts counting down. Read More>

Do I Have to Appear in Court for My Divorce?

California does not have any law requiring you to appear in court for your divorce. You have a few options for how to handle your divorce and some do not involve appearing in court at all. Read More>

Can I Travel During Divorce Litigation?

If your divorce is in litigation, you may have several hearings before your issues can be resolved. You are probably in disagreement with the other party over one or more issues and might be having your attorneys fighting for what you want in court, if you are not representing yourself. Read More>

What is a Court Issued Order?

In the world of divorce, much of what is finalized in the divorce goes into a court order. A court order is a document representing an order from the court to do something. Read More>

Are Divorce Documents Public Record?

While your marriage is ending, you have to handle the business side of divorce, which involves dividing all community assets and debts, arranging for spousal support and scheduling your parental time with your child. These are all very personal aspects of a divorce. Unfortunately, under California law, most court records, even family law records, are a matter of public record. Read More>

What Happens in a Divorce Trial?

Trials are rare in divorce however are more common in divorces involving minor children, complex property division or significant assets. A divorce trial can last from less than one day to several days, depending on the issues being addressed. Divorce trials can cost thousands of dollars from start to finish however they can be worth the investment if there are significant assets or your child’s welfare at stake. Read More>

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