Business Ownership and Divorce

Owning a business can bring you financial security and sustainability. When you divorce, that security and stability is put at risk. As a community property state, California requires all assets or property acquired during the marriage with funds and efforts from the marital community be divided equally in divorce. A business you own during a marriage doesn’t have to be community property. If it was purchased prior to marriage with…

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Will a Significant Raise or Promotion Change My Spousal Support?

In your divorce, spousal support may be ordered if one spouse needs financial assistance to become self-supporting. During the divorce process, the court may order temporary spousal support. The court will determine the amount of temporary support using a standard calculation. This calculation takes into consideration the financial needs of the spouse requesting support. The final support award, however, will be based on a number of factors under California Family…

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Why is Our Date of Separation Important?

When you first decide to get a divorce, you may be at the end of a long rope of a weakening relationship. Divorces can take some time while you are working out negotiations, but during this time you may be living separately and beginning your own new lives. Temporary child and spousal support may be ordered during this time and you may be restrained from taking any significant financial actions…

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