Domestic violence in the home can result in drastic changes to your living arrangements and financial viability. If you are a victim of domestic violence and have to leave the family home to be safe, you might need financial support to allow you to financially support yourself during this time. Or, if your spouse or partner is ordered to leave the family residence, as part of a restraining order, you may need certain bills paid while he or she is living elsewhere.

In any case, domestic violence in the home poses not just emotional and psychological risks, but financial as well. Luckily, as part of a California domestic violence case you open with the court, you may be able to ask for financial support to help you meet necessary financial expenses while you and your spouse are not living together. For example, if you move out as a result of domestic violence in your home, you may be able to get the court to order your abuser pay certain bills for you or pay temporary child and spousal support to you.

You can request these kinds of provisions to be included in your Domestic Violence Restraining Order when you ask for it. Domestic violence restraining orders are generally temporary, and so the support maybe ordered like that as well. This support acts a lot like spousal and child support ordered in separation or divorce cases. It is meant to make sure those who want to leave situations of domestic violence can do so without fearing the financial consequences.

In many cases, those fleeing from a domestic violence situation would not be able to financially provide for themselves and their children if they left. You can also get temporary custody orders when you open up a domestic violence case to ensure the safety of your child is protected. In some serious cases, your abuser will be prohibited from having visitation at all with your child and in other cases, they may be granted limited or supervised visitation. When children are involved, California family law courts do all they can to ensure the child’s best interests are looked out for. This includes making sure they and their parent are provided for financially and protected from domestic violence. 

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