If your divorce is in litigation, you may have several hearings before your issues can be resolved. You are probably in disagreement with the other party over one or more issues and might be having your attorneys fighting for what you want in court, if you are not representing yourself.

In most cases, you do not need to have much in-person involvement while your attorney does this. You may need to provide information and documents and have several conversations with your counsel, but a skilled attorney will know how to best represent your interests in court. That being said, it isn’t always necessary that you appear at every hearing.

Litigation can stretch on for months so having a good family law attorney represent you is a good way to ensure the stress of litigation doesn’t hold you back too much. In most cases, you can have your attorney attend the hearing for you, allowing you to be absent. Many people have demanding work schedules that do not allow for the appearance at every hearing.

Similarly, if you travel for work or just need a break from the stress of divorce, you can easily be absent for some of the litigation process as long as you have a quality attorney on your case. For this reason, it is a good idea to find a very experienced family law attorney if you plan on being gone for any amount of time during the litigation.

Make sure your attorney is comfortable with electronic communication if they need to run anything by you while you are gone. Also, make sure your attorney has a good idea of what you want in court. They may have to make last minute changes to orders in court and you will be best served with an attorney who knows what you will be OK with.

Keep in mind if you do travel during litigation, you should try to still be available to discuss divorce matters with your attorney. Things can happen fast in family law if the other party changes their stance or files a motion. While it is recommended you distance yourself periodically from the stress of divorce, make sure you can still be reached for important decision-making.

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