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Category Archives: Child Custody

Enforcing Child Support Orders When Support Goes Unpaid

Once a child support order is issued, monthly child support payments are enforceable. Unfortunately, there is no fail safe way to ensure those payments are actually made. Read More>

Tax Breaks for Parents: What You Can Expect After Divorce?

One of the many things that will change after divorce is your taxes. You will have a separate filing status and may be in significantly different financial circumstance. One thing that can change is your dependency exemptions. There are many tax breaks for parents. Read More>

Who’s the Father?: How Paternity is Established

Today, families come in many shapes and sizes. Families can begin and grow before a marriage and not all mothers and fathers are meant to be together. In these cases, you may have to establish paternity to gain certain benefits for your child. Read More>

How is a Child Support Order Modified?

Child support is calculated off of a standard formula as set forth by the State of California but can be modified under certain circumstances. Read More>

What Does Child Support Cover?

Caring and providing for your child is a requirement of all parents, regardless of separation or divorce. Read More>

Managing a Demanding Work Schedule with Joint Custody

It is important you exercise your timesharing rights and have to accommodate the other parent’s schedule as well. After agreeing upon a timesharing schedule in your Parenting Plan, the family law courts will enforce it and hold each parent to “making it work”. Read More>

Can I Move for a New Job and Still Exercise My Visitation?

As a co-parent, you need to carefully consider the effects any big changes may have on your family. Moving for a job that will take you further away from your child can pose special problems that may need to be dealt with in court. Read More>

How Will Work Travel Affect My Visitation Schedule?

Generally, a timesharing schedules will consider each parent’s work schedule and reflect the percentage of time each parent will spend with the child. If you have to frequently travel for your job, take this into consideration when drafting up your parenting plan. Read More>

Is Child Support Taxed?

Child support, unlike spousal support, is not considered general income. Thus, it is tax-free to the receiver. It is also not tax deductible to the payor. Read More>

Will Child Support Cover Private School Tuition?

Basic child support is meant to cover the basic cost of caring for and raising a child. State guidelines require this amount to reflect the incomes of the parents as well as how much residential time each parent has because during that time they are responsible for covering basic day-to-day expenses like food and transportation. The parent receiving the child support, generally the primary custodial parent, who has the child more than half the time, is responsible for using that support to cover many costs of raising a child like food, shelter, clothing, general entertainment and access to a quality education. Read More>

International Family Custody Attorneys

International child custody is a very specialized area of law that may involve multiple courts in multiple countries, laws of different nations, as well as international treaties.  As cross-border marriages proliferate, so do international family law disputes: while to a Read More>

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