What is a Court Issued Order?

In the world of divorce, much of what is finalized goes into a court order. A court order is a document representing an order from the court to do something. Orders can be issued on a wide range of issues. A domestic violence restraining order can be issued in domestic violence cases, which order a person to not contact another person. Child support and custody orders can be issued in cases…

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Are Divorce Documents Public Record?

A divorce is a very personal and intimate thing to have to go through. Although it involves the legal process of a dissolution of marriage in California, it is still something very personal to your and your family. While your marriage is ending, you have to handle the business side of divorce, which involves dividing all community assets and debts, arranging for spousal support and scheduling your parental time with…

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What Happens in a Divorce Trial?

A divorce can be finalized through a few routes. Divorces can be executed out of court when both spouses agree on all the issues at hand. They can also work with a mediator or other neutral party to work out any remaining conflicts. If there is significant conflict, the divorce may need to enter into litigation where you and your spouse will bring the issues to court, with or without…

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