Why do once-happily married couples end up getting divorced? Divorce can be a time-consuming, expensive, and stressful process, so couples do not make the decision to split lightly. This means that the reasons for a divorce are generally substantial and significantly affect the happiness, health, and well-being of one or both spouses. As experienced divorce attorneys, we have seen couples get divorced for a variety of reasons. However, some reasons tend to pop up more frequently than others.

Money, Money, Money

Money is a very common reason that spouses get divorced. When times are tough, financially-speaking, couples may have a difficult time finding common ground. Fights overspending, income, and long hours at work can raise tempers and damage a healthy relationship.


Did you know that holding certain jobs can actually increase or reduce the chances of getting a divorce? A recent study of Census data found a relationship between occupation and divorce rates. Jobs that have the highest divorce rates include bartenders, gaming managers, flight attendants, telephone operators, paralegals, and bill collectors. These jobs can all be incredibly stressful and require the spouse to spend long hours away from home. Generally speaking, these jobs do not pay a particularly high salary or wage. Long hours and low wages can be a disastrous combination in a marriage.

On the other hand, certain jobs and industries are correlated with a lower rate of divorce. Jobs that have the lowest divorce rates include actuaries, doctors, scientists, and economists. These jobs tend to require multiple college-level degrees, have a stable work environment, and pay employees a generous salary. In a complete reversal from jobs with the highest divorce rate, these jobs give souses a beneficial work-life balance and stream of income. Spouses who spend a lot of quality time together and are not forced to squabble over finances are more likely to have a successful marriage.


Spouses who are unemployed are more likely to have a marriage end in divorce. When both spouses are unemployed it may be very difficult to get by, financially. This can stress any underlying issues in the marriage and cause spouses to want a change. When one spouse is unemployed there may be a sense of resentment in the marriage. The employed spouse may feel a greater burden to provide and come to harbor negative feelings for his/her unemployed spouse.


Spouses who are unfaithful in their marriage are also more likely to get divorced. Infidelity and cheating are commonly reported causes of crumbling marriages. Many times, cheating is a behavior that is a result of other issues in the marriage. Working long hours, spending extended periods of time away from a spouse, spending quality time with other people, and financial issues can all lead to infidelity in a marriage. When a spouse learns that their partner has been unfaithful the future of the marriage is often at risk. Spouses can decide to forgive, try to forget, and move on. Alternatively, spouses may be so hurt by the conduct that they can no longer see a future with their spouse. As a result, divorce is a common result of cheating in relationships.


Statistics show that people are not getting married as young as their parents and grandparents did. Instead, people are staying single, maturing as individuals, and waiting until they are older to tie the knot. As a result, fewer couples are getting divorced. However, couples who do marry at a young age are still more likely to get divorced than those who hold off for a few extra years.

Getting Divorced in Los Angeles

Making the decision to get a divorce will change your life forever. It is important to be entirely certain about your decision and understand the effect it will have on your life. If you have young children who will be affected by the split it is important to consider how their lives will also be changed. You can learn more about getting a divorce in Los Angeles by calling the attorneys at Fernandez & Karney. Our Certified Family Law Specialists have more than 50 years of combined legal experience and can help you through this difficult time in your life. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more.