If you’re marriage is ending and you’re not sure to do, we put together a list of the top 5 steps to take when going through a divorce. The steps include:

1. Organize Your Financial Records

For example, make sure you collect bank statements, info on retirement accounts, and tax returns. These will come in handy as you proceed with dividing your assets.

2. Get a Copy Of Your Credit Report And Set Up Account Alerts

To make sure that your spouse isn’t using your credit cards or draining your bank accounts, get a copy of your credit score and get alerts whenever your credit cards are used. This helps to ensure that you don’t take on unintended debt.

3. Begin Securing Funds for Legal Fees

Let’s face it, a divorce can be expensive. To be safe, start setting money aside if you need to hire a Los Angeles divorce lawyer to assist you.

4. Open a Post Office Box

Although you might get everything through email, it’s a good idea to get a P.O. Box in case someone needs to mail you sensitive info or new credit cards.

5. Review Your Estate Plan and Account Beneficiaries

Now that you’re divorcing, you may want to update who gets your money in the event of death.