Traits of a Good Family Law Attorney

  • Communication Skills: the act of transmitting a message accurately
  • Courage: the ability to conquer fear or despair: bravery, valor
  • Determination: the act of coming to a decision or conclusion. A fixing of the extent position or character of something.
  • Empathy: the experiencing as one’s own of the feelings of another, also the capacity for this.
  • Fearlessness: free from fear: brave
  • Generosity: free in giving or sharing, high-minded, noble, abundant, ample, open-handed
  • Insight: the power, act, or result of seeing into a situation: understanding, penetration
  • Listening: paying attention in order to hear: heed
  • Loyalty: faithful in allegiance to one’s government. Faithful, esp. to a cause or ideal: constant
  • Patience: the capacity, habit, or fact of being patient. Bearing pain or trials without complaint. Showing self-control: calm, steadfast, persevering.
  • Perception: An act or result of perceiving. Awareness of one’s environment through physical sensation. Ability to understand: insight, comprehension.
  • Perseverance: to persist (as in undertaking) in spite of difficulties.
  • Trustworthiness: Worthy of confidence, dependable: trusty, tried, reliable.
  • Unwillingness to Be Stopped: Incapable of being stopped


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