Divorce mediation is a cheaper and more collaborative alternative to litigation or trial in the court process. When you and your spouse cannot agree, and this is generally the case in all divorces, mediation is a forum where conflict can be resolved with the help of a neutral third party.

Mediation can be tailored to address specific issues, like custody or property division, or be general for all aspects of your divorce. Divorce mediators are usually, but not always, seasoned family law attorneys who can determine what a fair judgment would look like. You and your spouse can engage in mediation together or with attorneys representing you.

If you are amicable and can discuss issues together without emotions getting in the way, you may not need representation. However, negotiating with your spouse during a divorce may be too difficult for you, especially if your spouse is making unreasonable requests or offers. A good family law attorney can be your advocate in these situations to make sure your voice and your needs are heard, despite how hard it may be for your emotionally. The mediator will need to have a clear idea of what you both want and what you expect.

Family law attorneys with experience in mediation will be able to anticipate and work with what the mediator says in order to best leverage your demands. They may have also worked successfully with the mediator in the past. Before the mediation date, you and your attorney will go over all the issues at hand and what you want the outcome to be. You will also discuss what your expectations are for the other party.

A good attorney will help you prepare well so during the mediation, if things get heated, you have a clear idea of what to do. Mediation is like a negotiation conference. It takes skill and know-how to negotiate difficult issues in your favor under the stress of working one on one with your spouse. The dynamics of mediation are best handled by a professional, however if you and your spouse are able to get along and communicate well, you might not need representation.

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