When you are looking for a good family law attorney, you may be surprised to find out just how many attorneys claim to practice family law and handle divorces.

While it is true many practicing attorneys can handle a divorce, if their specialty is in another field, they may be no better prepared to handle a divorce than you are. Attorneys that practice family law exclusively are the best bet if you want to get the most for your money.

Even within that group of attorneys near you that practice family law, not all will have the experience and expertise needed to handle complex divorce issues. Every divorce is different; each one will come with its own unique problems and struggles.

For this reason, to have the best chance at having a competent attorney who can handle any issue that may arise, you might want to look for a Certified Family Law Specialist. Certified Family Law Specialists are recognized by the State Bar of California as certified experts in family law practice. To gain this recognition, attorneys have to have demonstrated experience and education in family law practice, take an exam and submit references. Not surprisingly, only a small percentage of family law practitioners are Certified Family Law Specialists. To maintain their status as specialists, they must take continuing legal education classes in family law issues and recertify periodically.

Family law can be complex; there are many issues that may arise that have no specific legal code that can determine the outcome. These situations are best handled by certified specialists. For example, property division in a community property state can be difficult. Especially when you have significant assets or an overall high net-worth, just dividing your community assets can be a matter of detailed financial evaluation followed by painstaking negotiations.

Similarly, with matters regarding child custody and parenting plans, certain important issues may arise that a less experienced family law attorney may know how to best handle. Sometimes a particular living arrangement isn’t what is best for the child but an attorney with little experience handling complex residential scheduling matters may not pick up on what is problematic about the situation and could direct you to an arrangement that does not consider your child’s best interests. If you do not know how to identify these problem areas either, you could end up agreeing to something that isn’t the best for your family. Having a Certified Family Law Specialist on your side will ensure your outcome is what you want it to be.

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