The Internet has changed how we do many things, from shopping to dating to even divorce. Today, many aspects of a divorce can be done online and through various forms of electronic records filing and communication.

However, just as getting married involved getting your marriage license in person and being joined in union in person, getting a divorce requires some proof that you actually exist and that both parties are consenting.

Identity theft and fraud are unfortunate side effects of our digital age and would make a 100% online divorce fairly risky. However, much of the communication and documentation that occur in a divorce can be done electronically, potentially making the actual in-person effort in a divorce minimal. You can also hire and communicate with an attorney solely online.

In many counties, you can download, fill out, file and pay the fee for your divorce paperwork online. Some smaller counties may require you obtain the divorce paperwork in person and file in person, however an attorney can do this for you. Doing all this online is conditional upon the cooperation of your spouse. If you and your spouse cannot agree on everything, that is if the divorce is contested, you may have to go to court or mediation to work them out.

If there are contested issues, you may have to attend a series of hearings to have a judge decide upon issues you cannot see eye-to-eye on. Keep in mind; there is sometimes no substitute for good old-fashioned face-to-face communication. Your local family law court will have what is called a family law facilitator, also called a family law coordinator, at your disposal.

Family law facilitators are stationed at the courthouse and can provide free in-person help in filling out and submitting your documents. Also important to remember is that online divorce services are not designed to work out issues you cannot agree upon. They do not decide on issues for you or advise you on what is best. For this reason, they are extremely limited in what they can do. You may think it will be quicker and easier. In reality, you still have to wait the six-month waiting period and if you and your spouse really do agree on everything, you can easily file your own divorce without the help of an online service.

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