It should come to no surprise that your children might be affected by your divorce. How the divorce will affect your children will vary based on the circumstances, however by looking at the key changes in your child’s life, you can identify the areas they may be struggling with.

The main areas of your child’s life that will change are their living arrangements and the way they are parented by two co-parents. These changes will be outlined in the timesharing schedule and parenting plan. While having parents separate and divorce is extremely hard for some children, often through reassurance and patience you can demonstrate to your child that divorce can be a normal part of life and that your love for them will never change. This can go a long way towards helping them get used to having divorced parents.

Aside from this major difference from pre-divorce to post-divorce, there are a host of other changes in your child’s life that can affect them. This can include changes to their living environment, changes in regards to step parents or new partners and changes to how they get their needs met. Make sure you review the resources available to divorcing parents out there to best help your child cope.

Changing your child’s living arrangements will be unavoidable after the divorce and this can be the hardest change for children moving forward. They may struggle with learning the new routine of visitation between their two parents. Try to work with their other parent to establish consistent routines post-divorce.

It is also important to consider the impact the introduction of a new partner or even new spouse will have on your child. It is generally advisable you not have someone move in during or immediately after the divorce. It is important you get your child used to the new routine before you ask them to cope with having a new parental figure. After the divorce, note the new changes that will take place in your child’s life. Sometimes it is the smallest things that can disrupt their confidence or comfort with the new routine. Maybe their other parent cooks different foods than you do or makes them a different lunch. Your child might also worry about what their friends will think about the divorce. Talking to your child is the best way to find out all the little things they are dealing with. Identifying those things that they struggle with is a sure way towards helping your child cope with the divorce in a healthy way.

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