Many people divorce because they find someone who is more suited towards them. This is a common scenario and one that poses unique problems when it comes to divorce proceedings. Since divorce in California takes a minimum of six months, and could stretch on for much longer, it can be hard to know when and how to incorporate your new partner into your life, before the divorce is finalized.

A general rule of thumb when deciding what changes to make during the divorce proceedings is to make sure whatever you do is in the best interest of your child if you have minor children still at home. In general, it is advisable you wait until your child is comfortable with their new living arrangement before making such a significant change. Having too many changes in their living arrangements at once can be overwhelming for a child, even if they can’t quite express that feeling. However, if your new partner loves your child and is eager to act as a solid parental figure to them, and your child is used to their presence around the house, having them move in may be beneficial.

You also have to keep in mind the ownership of your residence and what rights your spouse may have to that space. It is advised you do not have your new partner move in if your spouse is against it because they want to retain the right to come and go as they please. This may or may not be explicitly prohibited but upsetting your spouse in that way during divorce proceedings can hurt your chances at a favorable outcome because it may suggest that you are not acting in good faith.

Always speak with an experienced California family law attorney if you are in divorce proceedings and are thinking of having a new partner move in. Keep in mind, every divorce case is different. For some people, having a new partner move in while the divorce is being finalized can be a positive form of support in the household. For others, a new partner moving in would devastate their spouse and pose an extra challenge to their child, who must adjust to a new parental figure before the final custody arrangement is ever settled. Always keep your child’s best interest in mind when considering having a new spouse move in and make the best decision for your family as a whole. 

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