When deciding to whom you can talk to about your divorce, you should keep in mind what is in your best interest. Many people feel the need to talk about their divorce to friends, family members and even co-workers, because they don’t have their spouse to talk to and divorce is a very stressful experience.

Why It May Not Be a Good Idea to Discuss Your Divorce At Work

While you may be close with your co-workers, sharing the details of your divorce with them could affect how they treat you down the road. Luckily, divorce is so common today that it is highly likely one or more of your co-workers have been divorced themselves. However, some people still do stigmatize divorce and may even attribute your work performance to the stress of the divorce, even if your work is not affected.

It is always a risk when you discuss your divorce with a co-worker; you never know how they might react. Laws on employment discrimination don’t fully account for marital status, meaning you could possibly be discriminated against for employment reasons, based on your divorce. In most cases, this is highly unlikely however many people still have a negative view of divorce and that could affect your work relationships.

Even if they do not think less of you for your divorce, they may try to offer help and suggestions, based off of their own experience. This can be a good and a bad thing. The one thing every divorce attorney will tell you is that every divorce is different. Every divorce will have different circumstances and a different outcome so the advice your co-workers may give you based off of their experience may not help and could even harm you.

Whatever the case, keep in mind you may be working with these people for years to come so decide now whether or not you want to risk them bringing the divorce up down the road or at an inopportune time. Above all, keep in mind that you will have the best chance at a favorable outcome overall if you watch what you say and share and don’t provide your spouse any breeding ground for conflict if the divorce is already contested.

It is ok to mention your divorce to co-workers but expect follow up questions and know how to best answer them. If you do need to discuss your concerns about the divorce with someone, turn to a trusted family law attorney who can help you make the right decisions or speak to a therapist who specializes in divorce issues. 

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