Everyone’s life changes after divorce. Sometimes people want to make a fresh start and try something new and being single again can make it easier to take big steps like accepting a new job offer. As a co-parent, however, you need to carefully consider the effects any big changes may have on your family.

Moving for a job that will take you further away from your child can pose special problems that may need to be dealt with in court. If the move will make you unable to exercise your currently enforced timesharing schedule, it will have to be approved by a judge. Parenting plans and timesharing schedules can be modified post-judgment however there needs to be good cause for the change.

If the change is clearly not in the best interest of your child, the judge has the right to not approve a request to relocate. The other parent may also have some hesitations if your move will change their residential time with your child. However, there are arguments that can be levied against resistance if the other parent is in opposition.

Consult with an experienced Los Angeles family law attorney if you want to petition for a relocation order. This can be a high-conflict area of family law and takes an experienced family law litigator to be resolved.

If your order for relocation is granted, you may be ordered to pay for the transportation costs for your child to spend time with you. Keep in mind that the judge will consider the method through which your child will be able to spend time with you. You may be able to easily afford to fly your child out to your house frequently but this might not be the best for your child. If you are asking to be able to fly your child to you every other weekend, you must ask yourself if they are old enough to fly alone, what effect that might have on them and whether or not that is something they would like to do.

Today, virtual visitation and other ways of spending time with your child through technology can make it easier to be a long-distance co-parent. Many people have to move for their jobs and in a tough economy; this is sometimes the best option. Since so many factors need to be considered before a request to relocate can be approved, it is in your best interest to retain the services of an experienced family law attorney when seeking a relocation order.

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