Nothing will test your time management skills as co-parenting a child with a demanding work schedule. It is important you exercise your timesharing rights and have to accommodate the other parent’s schedule as well.

After agreeing upon a timesharing schedule in your Parenting Plan, the family law courts will enforce it and hold each parent to “making it work”. Not making an effort or not being able to consistently exercise your timesharing rights can result in court action against you.

For this reason, it is best to develop a feasible timesharing schedule that attempts to anticipate minor alterations to your day-to-day schedule. You will inevitably face challenges to making the schedule work.

A strong Parenting Plan will include stipulations on what each parent is to do in an emergency or in case they aren’t able to exercise their timesharing rights. It will also include contact information need to arrange for last minute childcare that you and the other parent both agree upon.

Remember the other parent has the Right of First Refusal meaning if in the event you cannot exercise your timesharing rights, you must first ask the other parent if they will take your child before you seek a third party child caregiver.

Communicating openly and effectively with the other parent is a good place to start when trying to resolve timesharing schedule conflict. Take a parenting class if you haven’t already taken one; these can present scenarios where you might run into scheduling conflict that are hard to anticipate and plan for. One of the best things you and the other parent can do is keep a joint calendar where you both update in real time your day-to-day schedule as far as it is relevant to the other parent’s visitation time.

Online calendar sharing applications are easy to use and can make it hard to excuse poor communication or withholding of information. Make sure you take the right steps towards drafting up a solid Parenting Plan that is robust in the face of unexpected circumstances. Hiring an experienced Los Angeles family law attorney who can draft such a plan is a good investment because it can save you the time and cost of modifying a Parenting Plan in the future.

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