Along with every divorce where there are minor children involved, there will be a parenting plan, which includes in it a timesharing schedule.

The timesharing schedule puts in effect a plan for when and where you will spend time with your child. Although your child’s time may be divided up between you and the other parent, the timesharing schedule does not prevent you from trying to spend time with your child outside of you designated residential time.

You are allowed to see your child outside of your designated parenting time if you do not have any restrictions on your residential time and the other parent agrees to it. However, you cannot take your child whenever you want during the other parent’s designated residential time. It needs to be agreed upon because you both have a right to a certain amount of time with your child. Similarly, if you have a restriction on your visitation, like having to have supervised visitation, you will need to accommodate that.

In any case, it is always encouraged that both parents spend as much time as possible with their child, unless that would put the child in danger. For this reason, joint custody arrangements where each parent sees the child a significant amount of time are seen as ideal. Often when parents divorce, the parent who does not have primary residential custody may only see their child a few days a week or even a month. Because of the structure of the school week, it is often impractical to change any residential arrangements during weekdays, which leaves only weekends to be spent with the other parent.

If you have a demanding career or travel often, it can be hard to make room for any other residential time with your child, however it is in yours and your child’s best interest to try to make this work. When you are in the process of drafting your parenting plan and working out your timesharing schedule with the other parent, make sure you develop a plan that allows for maximum visitation time. If you already have an existing timesharing schedule and want to modify it, speak to a skilled family law attorney. You may be able to change your timesharing schedule if you have a change in circumstances that will allow you to spend more time with your child.

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