It may come to no surprise to you that divorces can sometimes end up as long, expensive legal battles in court. Very few couples will actually agree on everything in a divorce and so most will have to work through issues and come to a compromise on many issues.

There a few ways you can do this. You can work with a mediator or a collaborative law facilitator to come to a reasonable compromise that works for everyone. You could try to work out your issues alone or you can hire a divorce attorney to represent you and possibly enter your case into litigation, where the issues are decided upon in court. There are pros and cons to each option and it really depends on what you disagree on and the circumstance of your case. In any case, the end goal of every divorce process is to find agreement and finalize the case.

A divorce settlement occurs when the two parties come to agreement about all the divorce issues and numbers, schedules and divisions are “settled”, so to speak. Property division, spousal support, child support and the parenting plan and timesharing schedule all need to be agreed upon before a divorce can be finalized with the court.

Until these are agreed upon, your divorce will remain pending. You can settle prior to litigation or during, whenever successful negotiations take place. Settlement means you have come to agreement with your spouse on all aspects of the divorce and both of you are ready and willing to sign off on said agreements and be done with the case.

A large part of the divorce settlement is the financial ramifications of the divorce, as these are often the most contested issues. In this case, a settlement is like a financial package dictating what property goes to who and how much money will be exchanged that is agreed upon. Speak to a family law attorney if you are concerned about your divorce and settling. If you are trying to reach settlement, there are a variety of options you have to make that happen, like mediation or litigation. You may not have to settle to reach a settlement if you strategize and engage in skilled negotiations.

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