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Category Archives: Complex Divorce

What Should I do Before Filing for Divorce?

Filing for a divorce is a big step. It may be a relief after dealing with a troubled relationship or you may feel it was an abrupt decision on your spouse’s part. Either way, the divorce process will be difficult. Prior to filing for divorce, you should familiarize yourself with the divorce process and what you might be facing in the near future. Read More>

How to Keep Separate Property Separate

Under California’s community property law, all property that belongs to the marital community must be divided equally upon separation or divorce. Community property is considered property acquired by either spouse during the marriage, but prior to separation, and with community resources. Property acquired prior to marriage is considered separate property. Keeping separate property apart from community property from the beginning of a marriage is the best way to ensure the property is not divided with the community property during a divorce. Read More>

What Can an Attorney do in Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a cheaper and more collaborative alternative to litigation or trial in the court process. When you and your spouse cannot agree, and this is generally the case in all divorces, mediation is a forum where conflict can be resolved with the help of a neutral third party. Read More>

What Happens in a Divorce Trial?

Trials are rare in divorce however are more common in divorces involving minor children, complex property division or significant assets. A divorce trial can last from less than one day to several days, depending on the issues being addressed. Divorce trials can cost thousands of dollars from start to finish however they can be worth the investment if there are significant assets or your child’s welfare at stake. Read More>

What Should I Document During My Divorce Proceedings?

If you’ve decided to get a divorce and have talked with an attorney about it, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork and documentation that will be required of you just to end your marriage. On top of all the forms that need to be filed and financial information you have to provide, there may be some other things you should document during your divorce proceedings. Read More>

How to Make Calculated Financial Moves During Divorce

It can be difficult to keep a handle on your finances during a divorce. A divorce can last anywhere from 90 days to well over a year and, during this time, your finances are not always necessarily your own to work with. Read More>

How to Keep Your Assets Secure During Divorce

In a divorce, you may feel financially vulnerable. You worked hard for your financial well being and now you may have to fight to keep as much as you can. Read More>

Knowing Your Worth: What is Considered an Asset?

One of the most complicated parts of a divorce is dividing the net worth of the marital party, which requires taking stock of all assets and all debts. Read More>

Attorney’s Fees: Who Pays for Them?

Divorce can be expensive, this we all know. It can also be affordable under certain circumstances. Every divorce is different and will require more or less time or efforts dependent on how complex it is. Read More>

Self-Employment and Divorce: What You Need to Know

Dealing with finances in a divorce can be a headache. Property division in California follows the community property rule; all marital assets are to be equally divided between the two spouses. Read More>

Stay at Home Spouses: What You Can Expect After Divorce

If you are a stay at home parent or homemaker, you might be worried about what your role will be after the divorce. Until now, your role has been in the home as a caregiver and a supportive presence to your working spouse. Read More>

Where Does all the Money Go?: Uncovering Hidden Assets

As part of any divorce, both parties have to disclose their financial information to include income and expenses, assets and liabilities. It is with this important information that the court will determine child support, spousal support and any property division. Read More>

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